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Analytics: Measuring the Performance of Your Website and Social Media

Analytics: Measuring the Performance of Your Website and Social Media

Monitoring Your Automotive Business Analytics Online

Having a website and signing up for social media are enough for your business to succeed. There is no need to monitor them or know how well they are performing. Right? Wrong! 

Monitoring your automotive business analytics for website and social media performance is JUST as important as having them. Whether they’re for your website or social media pages, analytics are crucial for your business’ online marketing strategies and overall success. We decoded Google analytics for you, now we want to talk about your website and social media. So without further ado, let’s get analytical.

Measuring Business Analytics on Your Website

Web analytics measures your websites progress and delivers data to help you or your website provider to make improvements to help your website better perform. Without analytics, you would never know if your website is working and delivering ROI or not. It’s like trying to work on a vehicle’s engine blindfolded.

Through website analytics, you can track where your traffic is coming from and if that traffic is converting to leads. Also, you can track if the traffic that converted to leads became a customer.

Do you have a website blog? Analytics tell you what time of the day or day of the week your website is visited the most, so you can plan your posts to publish at the most popular times. Do you wonder what type of blog post will attract the most site hits? Analytics can help determine that, too!

Analytics covers your website and let’s you know what’s going on from the second your site was launched up until a few seconds before you check progress. Do you ever wonder what keywords users search on Google to arrive on your business’ site? That’s the beauty of Google Analytics and learning the difference between organic, referral, and direct traffic. Click here to find out more.

Measuring Business Analytics on Your Social Media Pages

Implementing social media strategies into your business’ online marketing strategy has become vital to not only being found online, but to be found and considered legitimate. Two common social media channels for business are Facebook and Twitter: both have analytics features to use for your business.

Monitoring Facebook analytics is VERY important in the overall success of your business’ social media game plan. It can increase your reach and user engagement by far through learning what works and what you need to improve. 

Analytics helps to answer audience related questions like: “How well is my audience engaging with my Facebook page’s content?” “How many users are actually seeing my content?” “What type of content is performing the best on my page?” Taking the time to monitor your Facebook analytics on a weekly (or daily) basis will answer these questions!

Your page’s analytics will give you exacts when it comes to audience engagement (also by content type or time of engagement), reach, impressions, and fan growth. Observing your analytics also helps in measuring the amount of negative (and positive) feedback your business has recently been receiving and what type of audience it is building.

What is causing negative feedback? Analytics can help answer this, too! It tells you how quickly you are responding to your social audiences’ questions and comments. Are your users generating content about you? Turn to analytics to find out!

Twitter Analytics pretty much works the same way--answering ALL of your common social media performance questions. It helps your business view and break down what types of content resonates with followers. 

Impressions and engagements (retweets, replies, follows, favorites, and any clicks on links, tweets, hashtags, avatars, etc.) for each individual paid and organic tweet you post can be viewed. This leads to a better understanding of how followers interact with your tweets and helps to craft future tweets to increase their engagement rates and performance. The more your know about your followers, the better.

Our product Social Media Master Tech manages both Facebook and Twitter for your business, to give you maximum exposure across these two popular social media channels. For more information on how to get found and make the right impression, click here. 

Using analytical resources to their full extent may seem time-consuming but in time it becomes second nature. It’s SO important in any online marketing strategy. Don’t sit back and wonder how your website and social accounts are performing when you can KNOW the nitty-gritty details and make the most out of every post and web page!

American management guru, Peter Drucker who is known as the “business thinker” and has been called “the founder of modern management” said it best: “What gets measured, gets managed.” Let Net Driven help you measure everything analytics from search engines to your website to your Facebook and Twitter. We are good at what we do, for you!

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