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Live, Breathe and Know Your Web Design

Live, Breathe and Know Your Web Design

So, you have a new, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing web design. Anyone who visits your site now is going to have the BEST experience. What could go wrong? Your website loads and looks good on ANY device. Your tire catalog is out of this world! The content and web design tools represent your brand and its message. You are SO winning on the web!

Flash forward to a month in the future. You receive a call from a current customer who just purchased their first desktop computer, ever.  She is trying to find you online. You simply give her your business’ URL and wait for her to say “OH, I FOUND YOUR WEBSITE!” However, this isn’t the response you receive. This customer then asks, “What is a URL?”

It’s crazy to even fathom this occurring, but it’s always a possibility! The world we live in today revolves strongly around mobile devices, the Internet, social media, and anything else that provides information in the fastest possible way. Just because the world revolves around these technological factors, does not mean that every single person is a professional when using them.

Think about the 65-year-old grandfather receiving this first laptop as a gift to Skype with his grandchildren. Think about the avid flip phone owner, who finally decided it was time to adapt to an iPhone. Think about the person who is not originally from the United States, but finally had the money to buy their first mobile device and now are looking to buy a vehicle.

Crazy thoughts, right? But each of these scenarios occurs every day! Will a day come when every single person on the face of mother earth understands every inch of the Internet and all it is capable of? Maybe. Is that day, today? Not even close!

According to Internet Live Stats, the number of internet using rose from 3,185,996,155 in 2015 to 3,424,971,237 in 2016. That means that 238,975,082 people or 1.13% of the world’s population began using the internet within the last year! And that number is still on the rise.

Now, you’re wondering “What about social media?” Well, let’s narrow it down to the United States, where in the last year social media users have grown by 5%, so 78% of the United States population is on social media.

As you’re reading this, more people are beginning their journey on the Internet and social media and they need help to navigate!

The scenario of someone asking what a URL is a little unlikely compared to other online questions that are more commonly brought to the table. For example, you get a call asking how to view the tires available at your shop. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk your customer through the process of selecting their vehicle's make and model, and then helping them view tire options without needing to leave the shop? To sit in front of a computer to remember how to do it yourself?

This is why you need to live, breathe, and know your website, just as you know your business! Positioning yourself as the automotive professional is vital, but positioning yourself as a professional within your business, that knows the odds and ends of every detail is also crucial.

When someone calls asking about a deal they saw on your Facebook page, the response “Oh, I didn’t even know we were doing that,” is 100% the wrong response! It's so important to know everything that is posted to your pages, at all times. If there is a specific promotion running as a slider on your website’s homepage, KNOW ABOUT IT! And talk about it, too! Tell in shop visitors to search your website and view your homepage for promotional information! That’s how to know and professionally use your website to its full extent!

What about performance? Are certain landing pages on your website not being visited as much as others? Are certain posts on Facebook or Twitter not performing as well as they could be? Analytics can tell you all of this. Knowing your website includes knowing what is performing well, too. Having your page appear on Google or other search engines is also crucial.

Everything we just broke down could be summed up in a few words: your web design, social media, analytics, your target consumers...live, breathe, and know each of them.

It’s a lot to take in at once and a lot to master altogether, but it’s possible. At Net Driven, we understand you have the desire to succeed through Internet marketing, but may not know where to begin. Talk to your Account Manager today about setting up a consultation session to learn more about your website and social media accounts and their functions.

Ask about our industry leading product Social Media Master Tech to begin your social media journey. Who knows, you might be our next social media success story!

Are you interested in video marketing and how 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or ask for a price quote after watching a video explaining that product or service? Ask your Account Manager about Net Driven Drivecast and our Tire Videos. Today is the day that can change the rhythm of your business online. Your business is great--use all the online options possible to let people know why it’s great!

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