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Warm Up for Winter Tire Season

Warm Up for Winter Tire Season

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing color and the sun is setting earlier. Ahh, autumn--the beautiful season of harvest. It’s such a great time to think about and enjoy apple cider, bonfires, pumpkin flavored everything, football games, and winter tire sales. What, winter tire sales?! You got that right, now is the best time to promote your best winter tires, in preparation for the winter weather ahead!

Winter tires are important for snowy, adverse winter weather conditions. Why? They’re created with a rubber compound in the tire treading that combats the tire becoming stiff in bitter cold temperatures. This rubber lets winter tires stay flexible to grip the road better, no matter what the weather conditions are. The treads on winter tires are also deeper with exclusive tread patterns, allowing snow to build up while traction stills remains against the snow. Are you shaking your head in agreement and wondering why we’re telling you what YOU already know? Here’s why.

As an automotive professional, you already know why winter tires are important and the facts that back up this claim. BUT do you prospective customers? Do your site visitors? What about your social media media followers? Provide information that’s important for them to know when making online purchases decisions.

Offering this information on your website, social media channels, or in shop promotions not only positions you as the professional, but will prompt customers to buy winter tires and make sure they're changed back to all-season tires before spring is in full swing.

In the past most drivers would buy two winter tires to use on the front of their vehicle. Why? It was believed that since the two front wheels do the accelerating that was the only place winter tires were required. Soon enough, this was proved false.

Just think about it--you may only need two tires to accelerate, but you need all four to stop or take turns. Accelerating in snow is not always the problem because in most cases traffic is moving slower than usual (unless snow piles up high enough to prevent your vehicle from moving at all). Braking and cornering become huge concerns--that’s why all four of your tires need to be tough against snow, able to provide traction, and  ready for whatever the weather throws at you. Make sure your customers know they are risking spinning out without installing all four winter tires to their vehicle. They will thank you later.

Winter tires, just like any other product, receive some backlash from customers. The most common reasons behind drivers not purchasing winter tires are that they believe "all-season tires are enough for the winter months", "winter tires cost more than all-season tires", or they believe they "don’t drive enough in the colder months for winter tires to be worthwhile".

Combat these common beliefs through your internet marketing promotions! Let consumers know why they should have winter tires, how it will benefit them, and that you’ll be there to make sure they're satisfied AND safe.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration, on average, nearly 1,259,000 weather-related (snow, sleet, ice, rain, fog, cross winds, or blowing snow/sand/debris) crashes occur every year. Sadly, about 6,000 people are killed due to these crashes every year. Spending money on winter tires is a lot cheaper than sending your vehicle to a collision center after a nasty winter crash, right? Also, remind customers that you cannot put a price tag on their lives. Customer safety adds to their satisfaction, and should be your and their first concern.

There is always an answer to a customer’s questions or predetermined outlook on winter tires:

“My traction control will help me, so I don’t need winter tires.”
Actually, it won’t. Traction control limits acceleration. Your tires don’t have as great of a chance to spin on adverse road conditions, but countering its name, traction control doesn’t actually control traction.

“I don’t need snow tires. I have anti-lock brakes!”
Yes you do, sir. Anti-lock brakes do not provide your vehicle more traction, they just help prevent your brakes from locking up so you don’t keep-on-a-sliding away.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in winter tires. I have 4-wheel drive, so I’ll be okay in the snow.”
Now, don’t get us wrong, 4WD definitely adds performance edge to your vehicle, over front or rear wheel drive. BUT adding winter tires is extremely beneficial to your vehicle's handling, braking, incline climbing, and towing power during snowy-weather conditions. Think of 4WD as eating healthy and winter tires as being active. They go together and offer great results.

Beginning to promote your winter tires during the fall will be very beneficial for your business. Offer deals and incentives through your social media channels or website sliders. Don’t forget to have anything and everything you offer, promotional or informational, linked directly to your tire catalog. Create ease for online consumers searching for new winter tires. Also, don’t forget about those customers who want to reuse their winter tires from last season-- they need service, too! Maybe you offer summer tire storage. Let people know! Post about it on social media, put it on your website, or run a targeted ad campaign online. 

Even though it comes off as a sales-pitch, there is a lot of truth behind it. Waiting until it begins to snow is too late to buy winter tires. The first major snow storm of the season may occur in early January or it may blow in unexpectedly before Halloween. When temperatures consistently fall below around 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius), it’s time to put on those winter, snow tires! The more snow your area tends to get, the earlier to begin your promoting (or buying winter tires yourself). Snow tire inventory tends to decrease a lot faster in locations that receive the most adverse winter-weather conditions.

The means of promoting your winter tire sales online are endless. Do you want to fully resort to Facebook and Twitter? Do you want an eye-catching slider to appear on your business’ website throughout the fall months? Or maybe you wish to run a targeted PPC campaign around the time of your promotion? No matter what you want to do, Net Driven is here to help every step of the way. If you aren’t signed up for the industry’s leading social media product,  Social Media Master Tech or our paid search product, Turboclick, give us a call today!

Net Driven also gives you FREE tire videos! Our comprehensive tire catalog includes over 200 high-quality tire videos. Imagine being able to show your potential customers exactly how your top selling snow tires perform in winter conditions. Seeing is believing, and nothing helps consumers see your tires in action like video. Share these videos on your social media pages, email them out to customers, you can even play them on a tv or tablet in your waiting area!

What it comes down to is this, with Net Driven, your website can support and increase your winter tire sales in many ways. When combined with a strong social media presence, you have an advantage over your competitors and you will attract more of the winter tire shoppers. 

So, be ready for winter tire shoppers, and more importantly, be ready for winter weather!

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