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Social Media Marketing Takeover

Social Media Marketing Takeover

Every brand has its own marketing and business strategies to promote itself, build relationships, increase ROI, and boost overall sales. These strategies in many cases revolve around internet marketing that is targeted to specific industries. Traditional marketing in some cases still plays a huge role in a business’ marketing strategies, too. One form of marketing has become critical for brands to survive in the wave of promotional messages on and offline. 

Social media marketing has become extremely popular, effective, and is still on the rise. In fact, according to The Next Web, Inc. 61% of startups use social media for marketing efforts. You can bet that your competition is either on social or planning to be. It even has its own acronym, SMM!
Saying “social media is the future” isn’t even a truthful statement anymore. Social media IS the present AND will continue to flourish in the future. Business 2 Community stated that 90% of people ages 18 to 29 use social media and one-third of millennials prefer communicating with businesses and brands through social media.
Dedicating your time to social media marketing will help your brand’s other marketing efforts and the best part is it's all measurable. Your brand’s internet and industry marketing strategies will benefit from social media marketing. Using social media channels to market your business can achieve branding and marketing communication goals through driving targeted traffic to your site, while boosting your brand’s SEO.
While your social media marketing campaigns are in action, you will notice your brand loyalty from online consumers strengthening. There will be more conversions to your website and more conversations on your social media channels. Always communicate back! Whether the conversations are positive, negative, or neutral. SMM lets you respond to any type of brand crisis--immediately.
The longer you stick to your SMM strategies and keep communication strong between your business and its online customer base, the more customers you will find. Customers you didn’t even know existed online can be found, and in return, they will find YOU. Finding you is just the first step. Once the relationship is established, your continuous efforts on social media to maintain that customer’s trust and brand loyalty will move on to the next step, buying from you.
Your SMM campaigns could include original content from your business or targeted ads. The best part about social media ads is the ability to target the users you want. Facebook has options to target users based on their education level, geographic location, gender, age, online purchase history, and even the pages that they like and follow. This allows you to target the audience that will best promote your brand to boost sales, ROI, and brand recognition where they are needed most! How likely are you to gain new customers through Facebook? Well, 70% of business-to-consumer marketers were successful in doing so. The best part? It’s free to sign up and buying ads on social is VERY cost-effective!
Think about the last time you watched anything on TV or saw an ad in a magazine. There is a pretty good chance somewhere on your TV screen or on the page there was a logo for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google Plus, including that brand’s page names. That is the beauty of SMM. It can be incorporated anywhere. Social media channel logos have become so well known that when a customer simply sees one, it prompts them to visit your business on social.
So if you build it, they will come, right? No, not necessarily. Simply signing up for social media accounts is not enough. If you build an account, build your content, build your brand’s image, and build your relationships, they will come, they will connect with your brand, and they will buy.
Are you running an email marketing campaign? Maybe a promotion on the homepage of your website? Perhaps buying PPC (pay-per-click) ads on Google AdWords? SMM can be incorporated into each one of these marketing initiatives to increase the exposure and success of that specific campaign.
Include linked buttons to your social media pages in your emails to current and prospective customers. They are more likely to view your social media pages than look for more information on their own. According to Movable Ink’s US Consumer Device Preference Report, in 2015, 43% of emails related to the automotive industry were opened on a Smartphone. Opening emails on Smartphones gives perfect opportunity to link social media pages, where users could open them directly on their mobile apps.
Running a SMM campaign to promote a certain tire manufacturer rebate or in shop service discount will increase exposure and overall reach of that promotion. Including a rebate or deal on your homepage (or another landing page) is great, but it may be hard to gain views and page visits to fully promote it. Spark conversation on social by sharing information about a rebate or deal, while including content to make customers want to look for more information on your site. Maybe include a powerful statistic from a well-known source or a light-hearted message like “Tax return time? Why not treat yourself to new tires with this awesome rebate!” or “Merry Christmas from our shop family to yours! Come in now through December 31 for 15% off an oil change and tire rotation!” The possibilities are endless and the chances are in your favor when more than 74% of customers rely on social media for making purchase decisions.
The bottom line is social media has taken over the internet and even the offline world. Even when your audience isn’t on social, they’re talking about it or something they read on it. In fact, according to Aabaco Small Business, an average consumer mentions brands 90 times per week in verbal or digital conversation with family, friends, or coworkers because of social media presence.

Sometimes beginning a social media marketing campaign is nerve-wracking and you don’t know where to start, and that’s okay! Our product  Social Media Master Tech was created for shop and small business owners in the automotive and tire industry just like you to get social and drive real results! For more information on Social Media Master Tech talk to your account manager today.

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