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The Value of Online Video Content: Part I

The Value of Online Video Content: Part I

Online video content has officially taken the world of digital marketing by storm. The average person consumes over 5,000 brand messages and/or advertisements on a daily basis. Your message may be one of those 5,000 impressions. So, how do you make your brand stand out? What will make this potential customer take the next step? How can you make this person remember your business? These questions can be answered in one word: video. Today, online video content is crucial in any internet marketing strategy.

Why, you may ask? Before we get to the technical terms, let’s talk about the basic video pros. Behind Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine today. With every minute that passes, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and it's users watch over 125 million days’ worth of video. Mobile video consumption increases by 100% every given year, as reported by YouTube. According to Impact Branding & Design, for every minute of YouTube video airtime [for the top 1,000 channels] 350 social interactions are generated.

According to the leading cross-platform brand and consumer behavior measurement company, ComScore, on average, users spend over 16 minutes watching online video ads per month. According to a recent ReelSEO study, 96% of B2B (business-to-business) businesses use video in some form throughout their marketing campaigns. Out of this percentage, 73% reported back with positive ROI results.

Is video helpful in the decision process for the customer? Yes! Ninety percent of internet users agree that video content involving a product they are looking for is helpful and guides their buying decision. Wait, online consumers trust video ads? According to NIELSEN Wire, 36% of consumers consider video ads trustworthy.

Beyond the realm of video ads, let’s talk about general online video views. According to the“Q3 Digital Video Benchmark Report” by Adobe, a majority (around 65%) of video viewers will watch more than three-quarters of a video. 

Do online shoppers find retailer videos helpful in buying decisions? Ninety percent do, according to Adobe. It is reported that retailers who provide product video presence sell a lot more than [video-less] products. Purchasing tires or other automotive parts is a big expense to the average consumer; ease their purchase decision with a video explaining the difference between the ‘top-rated’ tires (or services)  your company offers. Ninety percent of your target shoppers will build a better connection and trust values to your brand, products and/or services.

Tire and auto sales involve a visual element for the consumer. Will a consumer looking for more information watch a product/service in a video? According to Forbes, 50% will, along with 59% who admitted they would rather watch video than read text. This means that more than half of your content consumers would rather watch a video explaining the tire or service you want them to purchase, than reading a few paragraphs about it.

What kind of videos should you publish? The amount of possible online video content is endless. A popular smartphone YouTube search is “how-to”  videos, according to Google. Think about questions your customer base asks, think about your professional response, and now think about having a video on your site (or in an email blast, or on social media) that is readily-available to answer all of these questions.

Is your business trustworthy? Is it worth the potential customer’s time and money? A video encasing customer testimonials may help the buyer decision here. Does your business give back to the community? Include a fun, light-hearted event or volunteer video. Your online presence doesn’t need to be robotic, buyers will feel more comfortable meeting the real people behind the business. This leads to interactivity and a strong brand relationship, which is key in today’s internet market.

Having tire and service videos embedded on your website can increase your traffic by 55%. Using video in email marketing can be helpful for your business, also. If the word “video” is simply mentioned in the subject line of your tire, service or automotive related email, the likeliness of your email being opened increases by 13%.

The bottom line here, video is important and it is here to stay. By 2017, Cisco predicts that 69% of all online consumer traffic will include video. Making the decision to integrate video into your internet business solution will make all the difference in the world. Automotive innovator, CitNOW stated in their blog post Automotive industry reaches video ‘tipping point’, “The next 12 months is the timeframe in which businesses must positively adopt video or fall behind the pack.”

Online consumers have short attention spans. Video can help serve this specific category, keeping your company on the screen of their smartphone or tablet, for a longer amount of time. Do you want to separate yourself from competitors in the tire and automotive service industry? Intrigue your audience with video and put yourself above the competition.

Fun Fact- While you were reading this, about 360 million hours of video was uploaded to YouTube! It is never too late to join this skyrocketing trend!

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