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Reputation Management: Taking control of your customer reviews

Reputation Management: Taking control of your customer reviews

If you don’t have the time to respond to online customer reviews, contact us about our Reputation Management service!

Why Responding to Online Reviews is Important

Customer referrals and testimonials have always been important for driving businesses forward. Traditionally, much of the communication between existing and potential customers was conducted by word of mouth, away from public eyes. But in the past few years, social media has changed that. 

Now, reviews of your business--both positive and negative--are visible to everyone. If you don’t have the time to interact with your customers on social media, they may feel that their concerns are not being heard. You risk losing the reviewer’s loyalty, but also the business of anyone who disapproves of your non-responsive attitude. 

Your response to reviews is critical for your bottom line. A customer who has had a less-than-desirable experience can often be turned into a more committed customer if their concerns are addressed properly. Other customers can see this interaction play out in real time (and far into the future, as reviews remain visible indefinitely). When potential customers view your efforts to make things right, they are more likely to choose your business.

How to Respond to Online Reviews

If you receive a negative review, you may be tempted to fire a defensive response back quickly.  Take a moment to collect yourself, and be sure to answer calmly and politely. No matter how you may feel privately, it’s important to remember this is a public exchange and you want to portray your business in the best way possible. To help you do so, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a response to a negative review:

1. Acknowledge the customer's complaint and show them that the concerns raised have been heard. 

2. Apologize for the service issue and explain how the situation will be handled by you and your staff. The way you handle the situation is up to you, but the way the customer’s experience is managed will affect others' opinions of your business.

3. You can also ask for more information about the incident or schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss the matter further. Make sure someone speaks to the dissatisfied customer, hears his or her concerns, and apologizes directly.

4. Make it clear that this is not how you want to do business and that you will do everything possible to make sure this situation doesn't happen again.

5. Make a gesture to rectify the situation--whether that’s assuming the cost of a repair, providing a free service in the future, or some other incentive to keep the person’s business and make amends for the previous issue. 

Remember: the more heartfelt and earnest your reply, the better the exchange will go. Responding to negative reviews can be a challenge, but doing so affects the perception of your business. Take control of the situation and you’ll be able to win some honor back, and propel your business to the next level.

Even positive reviews can be a springboard to cementing relationships. The following positive review was addressed by our Reputation Management team:

Online review responseThis 5-star review is visible to the customer’s friends and those who follow the business page. This positive interaction is an authentic interaction that operates like free advertising for the business. 

What Your Business Can Do About Reviews On Social Media

So how can you ensure your online brand management is under control? Our Reputation Management service responds to your customer reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp, while providing a personal touch on all these platforms. We also notify you when new reviews are posted so you’ll know what your customers are saying about you and how we’ve responded to them. 

With Reputation Management working alongside our Social Media Master Tech services, you’ll get maximum exposure for your online reviews and your social profiles--each supporting the other for a comprehensive social internet marketing package.

If you're a Net Driven client, learn more about Reputation Management from your Net Driven customer relationship manager today. Not a client yet? Call us to learn more! 

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