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Your April Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

Your April Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

In the April installment of our monthly social media newsletter, we'll talk about tips for boosting engagement and a social media success story you won't want to miss!


Social Media Product News & Enhancements

Reputation management is underway! This new feature of our Social Media Master Tech service ensures that your business is well represented across major social platforms. We take the weight of responding to your reviews--both negative and positive--off your shoulders, while keeping an eye on your business presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and Yelp. Talk to your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager about how to get started.


Enhancing Your Social Media

Branding Matters


One of the most common weaknesses we see with new social media clients is their branding. Many dealers come to us without any definite branding for their Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business profiles. Others have a logo in place, but it’s not sized properly or its colors do not match what’s on the website.


Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your social media branding:


  • Keep your graphics simple - it’s better to be modern and memorable than trying to pack too much into your imagery. Just like a billboard, your cover photos have to reach your audience in just a few seconds - don’t overwhelm them with too many details!


  • Represent yourself - your color and design choices show the personality of your business. Be welcoming and eye-catching with your graphics. Have a mascot? A friendly face you’ll always find behind the counter? This may be a great place to show off that detail.


  • Sizing is key - make sure your profile and header images are the correct size so they display properly on the various social media channels. There’s nothing worse than an image that looks wonky on an otherwise great social media page. First impressions matter!


  • Match your site and your business - establishing a consistent brand identity is important for customers to recognize you. Your website and social media profiles should match each other so there is no question that they belong to the same business. Plus, it helps with boosting brand recall in the mind of your customer!

If you’re having difficulty creating these graphics or making sure your online branding is consistent, talk to your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager about Social Media Master-Tech and let us handle the design for you!


Social Media Q&A: Do I really need social media for my business?

Plenty of automotive shops have balked at social media. How would a Facebook or Twitter profile really affect their bottom line? And, perhaps even more importantly, the demands of running a business are too time-consuming to spend time dabbling with social media. It’s just not something many auto industry professionals have taken seriously.


But some automotive businesses were early adopters of social media and they’ve prospered. Why should social media matter? Well, let’s take a closer look.


Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks aren’t just for kids. Nearly 2 billion people use Facebook alone, and each month, Google receives 70,000,000 searches for aftermarket auto service. Your audience is online, even if you are not, and if you don’t meet them there, your competition will.


Imagine that your in-town competition begins offering services and discounts that your business doesn’t. You’d have to keep pace or risk losing customers! Social media is no different. 43% of drivers perform a search online or on their phone when deciding where to take their vehicle for service. If your competition is found first, if they have a great social media presence, if their reviews are positive, and your business is not even in the conversation, you are at a considerable disadvantage.


But even if you understand why 21st century business demands a presence on social media, you still may have reservations about the time and money it costs to implement a successful social media campaign, let alone an entire online suite of functional website, social media services, advertising, etc. Net Driven’s affordable online solutions give you all the tools you need to succeed without the hassle. Learn more about how we can transform your online presence from your customer relationship manager.

Here are some additional resources:




Social Media Success Story: AutoDR

Your social media strategy should be something that reflects the identity of your business. In addition to posting about special offers you’re running or information about how to properly maintain a vehicle, you should really make the most out of what actually happens at your business.


We’ve seen dealers post photos of the great work their technicians have performed on cars--custom paint jobs, new rims, even before and after photos of car makeovers. We’ve also seen posts with customers bringing pets to visit. After all, who doesn’t love an adorable dog photo? Sometimes a celebrity will drop by, and that’s a great photo opportunity as well.


But recently, AutoDR put the spotlight on children and created one of the most heartwarming posts we’ve seen in awhile.



The post gained major traction organically, but was supplemented with a boost campaign that Net Driven organized. Reaching more than 3,500 people and garnering both likes and shares, this post provided a genuine moment of levity while showcasing the business as family-friendly. It’s the perfect kind of post to consider when engaging with your online community.

Wondering how you can make your social media presence more personal? Talk to your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager today to learn more about how Social Media Master-Tech can help you achieve your social media goals.



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