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Lead Me to Successful Lead Management

Lead Me to Successful Lead Management

We’re going to touch base on one extremely important aspect of reaching the highest level of ROI from your digital marketing strategies. What is it? Lead management. 

The Internet is a powerful tool for business. The way we utilize it, however; can make or break any business’ strategies. Goals can no longer end with looking good or being informative online. Considering how interactive your brand is with its customer base and how quickly it responds to potential customers’ requests can determine whether you need to step up your online management game or not.

We've discussed how to move up in lead management in the past through a two-part post. Click here to read Part I or Click here to read Part II. But today we are going to dig a little deeper into why lead management matters from the eyes of your business and the eyes of your customers.

A successful and informational lead management system includes all of the information needed to keep leads moving through the sales process while making sure your business reaps all the benefits along the way.

Important For Your Business
Lead management has been around for quite some time. However, technology has made the process of storing and retrieving data and lead information easier along the way. When your system of lead management is up to date and strong--you will have all the contact information you need regarding your customers at your fingertips, at all times. 

This information includes a 360° lead view. Imagine your lead standing on a turning pedestal like a new sports car mobile. You can see every angle! Their name, contact information, vehicle type, what time they made an online request and what kind of request it was, whether or not they were converted or not, and more… This lets your business customize their quotes and offer services that fit their unique vehicle and situation.

Beyond lead management itself, a good system can measure how well your website is performing and how many leads it’s producing. Measuring performance on a weekly to monthly basis is beneficial. Especially when you can set specific values to measure. For example, choosing a specific date range (March 1 through March 31) and lead type (tire quotes), and having all the data you need on your computer monitor within seconds.

Lead management is so important for your business because of both of the above reasons. In addition, measuring performance aids in effectively managing deals and requests, while building and strengthening a long-term relationship with your customer base. An effective and successful lead management system optimizes your business’ sales efforts while you establish a strong and reliable brand name.

Important For Your Customers
Strong lead management practices can benefit both ends of the quote request and sales deal. Your customers’ experience and the time they wait for a request response shapes how they feel about your business, before even doing business with you

The more information they are asked to provide, the more they feel like your business cares about their request and their vehicular needs. Asking detailed questions during quote or service requests shows that you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details to make sure their tire or service quote is unique and tailored to them and their vehicle.

Next item to consider is response time. This is super important because the vast majority of [online] consumers are impatient. Some to an extreme.

Think of it this way...how many times have you been stuck in a long line at any retail store or supermarket? The person in front or behind you has been A. Grunting B. Groaning or C. Vocally explaining how upset they are with the amount of time they have been in line. Compare that to a customer waiting for a response to their request. You can’t see their facial expressions or hear their displeasure, but believe us--after a day without a response, the grimace is appearing and the groaning has begun. The thing is, they won’t vocally complain or even call your business in most cases, they will move on to the next website they find to fulfill their needs. And you, my friend, have lost a potential sale. 
If you ever find yourself wondering if your lead management system is up to par, ask yourself the following:

  • Does my system provide enough information about each lead that I can provide them the most unique and specific quote possible?
  • Does my system provide enough information to let me know when leads were created, if they were converted, or if I need additional information for a specific lead?
  • Does my system measure my website lead performance with the ability to make measurement and graphs showing them as specific as I want?
  • Do I receive my leads in time to respond in a timely manner with the most appropriate quote(s) I can?

If you responded “No” or “I don’t know” to any of the above questions, consider updating your lead management system to make the most out of your website and its performance. 

Our goal at Net Driven is the help independent businesses thrive in the automotive aftermarket industry. Even if you are not sure where to start with managing leads online, we’ve got your back. Net Driven Lead Manager lets you see all of the leads that have been submitted through your site on one single dashboard. You can specify what leads you want to see by location, date, lead type, etc. By specifying custom lead values, you can see the ROI produced by your website or even comparing your different locations performance against one another. The more information at your fingertips, the better! For more information on Lead Manager, talk to your account manager today.

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