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Your March Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

Your March Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

In the March installment of our monthly social media newsletter, we'll talk about tips for boosting engagement and a social media success story you won't want to miss!


Social Media Product News & Enhancements

Reputation management is here! This new feature of our Social Media Master Tech service ensures that your business is well represented across major social platforms. This enhancement takes the weight of responding to your reviews--both negative and positive--off your shoulders, while keeping an eye on your business presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and Yelp. Talk to your CRM about how to get started.

Enhancing Your Social Media

Building A Strategy

If you post haphazardly on social media, you’re missing out on one of the best tools to help your business grow. Engaging with customers regularly requires diligence and a little planning, but these steps will help you make the most of our efforts.


Like any plan, your social media strategy will be best served by outlining your goals. Are you out to build a larger following or are you more interested in keeping your existing client base engaged? Do you want to focus on promoting sales and special offers or would you prefer to keep your posts geared toward work custom work from your shop? Many social media strategies incorporate all of these elements and more.


Post regularly. This builds trust and shows your customers how engaged you are. Be sure to answer their questions, thank them for reviews, and share relevant content. This builds community--which is the purpose of social media. If you run your site like a promotions engine, not many people will follow your posts, and your page will turn into an echo chamber where no one is listening.


Advertising is a powerful tool, especially on Facebook. Even a few dollars can go a long way toward getting the word out. There are a wide range of ad types, so be sure to select the ones that best meet your goals--page likes, local awareness, lead conversion, etc.

If you need help with building your social media strategy, contact your Net Driven customer relationship manager and we can show you what our Social Media Master Tech product can do for your business.


Social Media Q&A: How do I get more engagement on my social media posts?

Your social media posts are more than promotions or personal updates--each post provides an opportunity to reach out to your community. Your posts are the direct link between you and your customers. So how can you maximize their effectiveness?



Customers respond to reliable and relevant information. As a consumer yourself, think about the kind of posts you like to find in your newsfeed. These posts are what your business should emulate. Offer content that provides value and as more and more people like, share, and interact with your post, it will be displayed more often--prompting additional engagement.



Including an image with your photo provides up to 2.3 times as much engagement as a post without images. And the more alluring the graphics, the better. As social media continues to become more and more visual, it’s important to keep up with trends so that your content isn’t left behind by the competition.



Videos acquire even greater reach than photos! They also receive 16% more engagement than photos. In fact, 74% of all internet traffic in the next year is estimated to be videos, most of them from social media. Facebook alone boasts 8 billion daily video views. Your Net Driven Drivecast videos are perfect for this--informative, professional, and the perfect length for viewers.

Here are some additional resources for improving appearance on social media:


Social Media Success Story: Holmes Tire/Mayo Autoworks

Opening a new location? One of the best ways to get the word out is through social media. Many of our Social Media Master Tech dealers have used Facebook and Twitter to promote their new facilities.

Holmes Tire is the latest to employ social media as a promotional tool for a grand opening of a new location. With a few likes and shares, these simple posts can reach a broad organic audience.


Adding some advertising spend makes a big difference as well. Mayo Autoworks #2 opened last year and the announcement was given a small boost through advertising dollars. Look at the results:


These announcements on social media--paid or organic--generate a great deal of attention. What’s more, it’s attention and engagement you can measure, unlike traditional media.


So if you’re thinking of expanding your business, ask your Net Driven Client Relationship Manager how our social media team can help you announce your new location to the greatest effect.




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