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Make the Most of Your Used Tires

Make the Most of Your Used Tires

Ahhh, crafting, D.I.Y.ing, and recycling materials for projects. This trend has taken the Internet and social media by storm. Sustainability is bigger than ever before. Too bad the automotive and tire industry is so limited when it comes to this trending topic. Right? No way! You are officially entering Tire Fun 101! Let the “Do It Yourself-ing” with used auto tires begin.

We have broken down four projects that not only recycle used tires into crafts but help your business look sustainable through your crafting to ‘save the environment’. The best part is, they are listed by season so you’ll never have a dull DIY this year!


Oh, Tire Tree. Oh, Tire Tree.

Not quite the used auto tire tree we were thinking aboutWhile it’s still winter, why not make a tire tree? We aren’t talking about one like the picture to the left either. We are talking tire “pine” tree. The possibilities are endless--put on your creative hat (or turn to Pinterest) and let the process begin! This is an opportunity to take a break from the hard labor and enjoy what’s left of the winter season. Your staff and your customer base will love the results when your shop resembles the trees of the Mount Everest of tires.

Simply take a few used tires (3-10 depending on sizes of the tires and how big you want your tree to be) and pile them biggest on the bottom to smallest at the top, secure them with twine or other similar heavy duty string products. Now here’s the fun part, paint away! You can make them all green with hints of white to represent snow OR have fun with it! It is YOUR project. Are your shop’s colors purple and orange? Make the tree purple and orange, and possible paint your logo on it (or attach a picture of it). Let it dry and voila, your very own tire tree.


Think Spring. Think Flowers.This used auto tire flower planter will make your shop SPRING into spring

When Spring arrives, the sight of blooming flowers can put a smile on anyone’s face. “But tires and flowers have nothing to do with one another?” But, they do! Take a used tire and paint it in any way you like, whether that be your shop's colors, team colors, or light Spring colors. Now, use a staple gun to attach some type of base to the bottom of the tire (plywood works). Next, buy Spring flowers of your choice and some potting soil. BOOM! Your very own DIY tire planter

Feeling crafty? Want to take this project to the next level? Before painting your tire, cut the top into a design like sharp even points or rounded semi-circles. Pull the sections upward to cover the full circumference of the top of the tire. The possibilities are endless with this project, too. You can make your planter look any size, shape, style, or color you like. Here is an example (to right) of a tire made into a coffee mug shape planter--all it needs is some colorful flowers!


Tire Fun In The Sun.

It's time for fun in the sun with this used auto tire sandboxYou have DIY project ideas for Winter and Spring, so what’s next? Summertime. This means the sun, shorts, sunglasses, ice cream, sand and...tire sandboxes! How is this even possible? Here we go.

This project is very similar to the tire flower planter in the beginning steps. Take a tire (the larger, the better for this project, for example, a tractor or truck tire) and paint it whatever color(s) you like. Next, use a sturdy material on the bottom of the tire (plywood or even a thin scrap piece of metal to cover the full bottom). You can design the tire in any way you like: paint fish, suns, seashells, seagulls or anything else summer themed to make your sandbox POP with the design. Finally, dump sand into the inside of the tire and throw some sandbox toys (hit up the dollar store!) and even maybe a small umbrella to finish your project off. Pinterest has step-by-step instructions on how to make something as fun as the image to the left!

This is great for the summer because children will not be in school and there is a higher chance they will be with their parents are service appointments. Customers with children will greatly appreciate your gesture to make their child’s time at the shop full of tire fun!


Fall In Love With This Project.

Last but not least, we have autumn. The time of harvest, apple cider, and pumpkins (or jack o’lanterns). Did you guess what this DIY is? You betcha! It’s a tire pumpkin OR tire jack o’lantern. This project can be done one of two ways: your tire can lie flat on the ground or lean straight up against a wall. 

We’ll start with the first, lie your tire flat on the ground and paint it orange. Are you going down the plain pumpkin route? Add thin, straight lines evenly around the tire with black or dark brown paint, then paint a hubcap green and place on the top of the tire. Want to top off this pumpkin to auto perfection? Find an ol d lug wrench, paint it green and connect it to the hubcap to create the stem of the pumpkin. 

Make a Jack o'Lantern out of used auto tiresThese steps can also be taken to create a jack o’lantern minus painting the thin, straight lines around the outside of the tire. In place of this, paint a face on your pumpkin with similar black or dark brown colored paint! Sometimes, depending on the tread of the tire you can use it perfect your jack o’lantern face. 

Don’t have a hubcap or lug wrench for your jack o’lantern? No worries. Throw some hay straw into the tire and around the top (hot glue will help) and place a hat (the larger, the better) onto your tire jack o’ lantern’s “head”. Check out this awesome example from Pinterest to the right!

Now onto the second option, take [lighter and thinner] used tires (3 or 4 makes the perfect project) and paint them orange. Let them dry and then use black paint to make faces on each of them. Try to make face distinct in some way so it looks like you have a little tire jack o’lantern family at your shop. Want a stem for each tire? Cut a small hole in the top of each tire with a sharp knife and place a green-painted twig through each of them. 

Lastly, if you happen to have used hubcaps that will fit into these tires, paint them the same color orange and add them to your project. Your tire jack o’lantern family is complete and ready to show off to customers and passer-byers!

You can even have fun with this one on social media. Have a voting contest to name your jack o’lantern(s). If you create a single one, it will be one name. If you create a few, it will be a family name contest. (Example: The “Pumpkintons”, The “Jack O’Tires”, etc.). Pick the top three names based on your staffs’ preference and hold Facebook voting. You can even make it beneficial for the winner. Perhaps, offering a free oil change and tire rotation? It’s your tire jack o’lantern and your “contest”, have fun with it!


Keep In Mind.

Before beginning any of the projects we mentioned, it’s best to thoroughly clean the used auto tire(s) you will be using. Grime and grease can cause paint to not stick or dry properly. Use a product like Simple Green or a similar degreasing cleaner.

Don’t be afraid to take a short break from the serious auto-business setting from time to time to enjoy yourself, even it means 10 minutes a day. Whether you complete a project in a week or a month, it was well worth it. Happy Crafting!

Once you complete your project to a T, your job is not done just yet! What’s next? First off, put a picture your masterpiece on [all of] the social media pages you have and post a picture to your business website (or blog). You don’t have to stop there. Do you send out marketing emails to clients or post flyers in your shop? Add your project’s picture to add fun to the content you are sharing. And don’t forget to display your piece proudly in your shop! 

Lastly, tag Net Driven in your social media pictures. We would love to what you came up with! Even use the hashtags #TireFun101 and #NetDrivenDIY. 


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