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POP QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on the Importance of an Online Presence

POP QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge on the Importance of an Online Presence

As the Internet grows, so does the importance of online reputation management for your automotive business. According to Vendasta, 87% of executives rate managing reputational risks (especially online) more important than other strategic risks. Today, more companies are hiring online reputation managers than ever before.

No one likes having a bad reputation. A negative (or almost non-existent) online presence is bad news for your brand. Don’t stress yet! Sit back, relax, and take our ten question quiz to find out if you need to amp up your online reputation knowledge. Don’t forget to keep track of your answers!


Questions #1-5: Choose the best option for your response:

#1 of 10
An online presence is any existence of an individual or business that can_____. This existence ties directly into how reputable your business appears online.

A. “Be found via an online search”
B. “Not be identified”
C. “Not be found via Google or through online research”
D. “Be found via Google”
E. “Be found online, somehow”

#2 of 10
Businesses that have a one or two-star rating on local directories or search engines fail to convert about ____ of prospective customers.

A. 84%
B. 90%
C. 45%
D. 57%
E. 63%

#3 of 10 
When you Google your business’ name: Is it the first result?

A. Yes, and Google My Business information also shows!
B. I had to go to the second page (or beyond) to find it 
C. What’s Google? 
D. It’s the second result
E. It showed up on the first page of results
F. Yes 


#4 of 10
Type your business’ name in the search tab on Facebook. What happened?

A. My business page’ appeared within the results I was offered
B. I have a Facebook page for my business but it did not appear
C. My business; page was the first search result but my default picture is not 100% brand related
D. My business page was the first search results but I have no default picture
E. My business’ page was the first search result and the default picture easily identifies my brand
F. What’s a Facebook business page?


#5 of 10
The most effective online marketing tool according to over 68% of small business is...

A. Phone Book- If they find you in there, they will find you online, right?
B. Social media- It’s the lowest amount of commitment, quick, and free.
C. Websites- They create awareness and strengthening relationships with consumers.
D. SEO- Who needs a website when you have SEO?!


Questions #6-10: True or False

#6 of 10
In the United States, Facebook shares have the greatest influence on Google search rankings before backlinks.

A. True
B. False


#7 of 10
Including small independently owned businesses in local directories like Google My Business or Bing Places For Business doesn’t increase brand reputability or help search rankings. 

A. True
B. False


#8 of 10
Reviews are a major part of any business’ online presence. 
The majority of online consumers will read about 10 reviews before they can truly trust a business or product online.

A. True
B. False


#9 of 10
When an online consumer requests a tire quote on your business’ website or writes a complaint on social media--waiting more than two business days to respond can be beneficial.

A. True
B. False


#10 of 10
The best way to
build a strong online presence is through continuous optimization and improvement to your website and online strategies. 

A. True
B. False

Now, it’s time to grade your online presence knowledge and figure out how on-track you are with managing it!

Correct Answers:
#1-   A
#2-   B
#3-   A
#4-   E
#5-   C
#6-   A
#7-   B
#8-   A
#9-   B
#10- A

Scoring Rubric:
#1-    A. 5 pts/ B. 0 pts/ C. 1 pt/ D. 4 pts/ E. 3 pts
#2-    A. 3 pts/ B. 5 pts/ C. 0 pt/ D. 0 pts/ E. 0 pts
#3-    A. 5 pts/ B. 1 pts/ C. 0 pt/ D. 3 pts/ E. 2 pts/ F. 4 pts
#4-    A. 2 pts/ B. 1 pts/ C. 4 pt/ D. 3 pts/ E. 5 pts/ F. 0 pts
#5-    A. 0 pts/ B. 3 pts/ C. 5 pt/ D. 0 pts
#6-    A. 5 pts/ B. 0pts
#7-    A. 0 pts/ B. 5 pts
#8-    A. 5 pts/ B. 0 pts
#9-    A. 0 pts/ B. 5 pts
#10-  A. 5 pts/ B. 0 pts


So, how did you score?
50-40pts You did great! Your online presence knowledge is more than proficient and you are definitely on the right track!
39-30 pts Good job! You know the basics about online presence but could use some freshening up in certain areas.
29-20 pts You have an average level of knowledge about online presence. We recommend sharpening your mind on this subject to help benefit your business’ online reputation.
19-10 pts Your business is mostly likely online but not as much as it should be. Help your brand and its reputation today by working to maximize your online presence.
9-0 pts You are lacking in the online presence realm and should look into upping your online visibility game, and fast!

If you scored lower than expected-- have NO fear, Net Driven is here! Our solution includes all the tools to make certain that your business not only has an online presence but that it’s strong, positive, and continuously growing! Contact us today for more information [no matter what your score was] about online presence and managing your business’ Internet reputation.


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