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Help SPRING Tune Up Requests This Spring

Help SPRING Tune Up Requests This Spring

Spring has sprung! Well, almost. The winter months are slowly coming to an end as we anticipate the smell of fresh spring air filling our lungs. The arrival of spring means one thing for the auto industry--spring vehicle maintenance and tune up requests. As the temperatures rise, the need for winter tires decreases but the need to get them swapped out with other tires does the exact opposite! 

Whether it be for batteries, belts, brakes, or ball joints--spring vehicle maintenance is needed by many consumers. It’s important that when the surge of their searches for maintenance and vehicle tune-ups begins, your business, website and social media pages appear first for their maintenance scheduling.

Specials On Your WebsiteSpring Your Maintenance, Tire and Tune Up Requests

Are you running a special for Spring? Let your customers know! Swap out (or add to) the sliders on your website to include information for the season to come and any deals you are offering your customer base. Nothing makes an online consumer jump to the end of sales process quicker than a special or discount.

Want to know what’s even more effective? Informing them about how much time they have left to save. Perhaps you are running a pre-spring maintenance sale that ends on March 20--when the sale begins, keep the end date off center and smaller font but when the date is near, say March 17, increase the font size, location and visibility to make sure your site visitors know there are ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT TO SAVE!

Use the specials on your website to link to pages on your site where visitors can request quotes or schedule service, don’t make them look for more information. If you have an image of a cartoony (or realistic, whatever you like!) looking tire holding spring flowers that is saying “Schedule Spring Maintenance Today!”, make sure that little cartoon image is linked directly to your service schedule page. The easier you make their search process on your website, the longer they will stay and the better chances are that they will schedule with you!

Showing Up In Searches

Make sure your AdWords keywords are relevant to spring maintenance to make sure you appear within the top few results of any potential customers search in your geographic area. For example, if your current promotion for this season is a discount on tires--choosing the keywords “tires” “spring”.

Maybe you are promoting spring maintenance in general with the catchy promo title “Spring Cleaning For Your [Hoses, Bulbs, Lights, and Tires].” Use these words to tailor your AdWords campaign for whatever amount of time you’re running your “Spring Cleaning” promotion.

It is also SO important to make sure your website is added to local directories. This is vital because the majority of the time, whatever an online researcher is looking for can be found right in their immediate location (and your shop can be what they find!). More than 50% of mobile visitors are led through the doors of businesses they find through local searches, some within one day. If your business isn’t already listed on Google My Business, make it happen and quick!

Social Media For Spring

Use your social media accounts, like Facebook to better promote your spring maintenance specials and also to promote spring maintenance in general. Craft your content to let your followers know the importance of spring vehicle maintenance and why it shouldn’t be overlooked.

In the northern states and Canada, the melting snow from winter and “April showers” bring the beautiful gift of...MUD! If your business is located in a region where this is relatable use it to create social content that will have an increased chance of being shared and reaping engagement. Also, it's okay to use humor or satire in your posts from time to time. Want an example? Check out the image and related post content below...

Don't Get Stuck In The Surge of Tune Up Searches“Mud is no fun! Stuck in a ditch? In need spring maintenance? Schedule with us online or give us a call today!” This picture speaks 1,000 words and the text content added just tops it off. It’s lighthearted, relatable, and your customers on social will appreciated the post...AND schedule with you!

The last thing you consumers want is to be sales-talked to on social. They use Facebook for downtime, browsing, or to gain information. Give them the information they need to schedule spring maintenance with you, in an engaging way.

Social media content for spring maintenance can be as specific and tailored to a certain type of service or as limited as you like. That’s the beauty of using your unique page(s) to promote your unique business.

Can’t think of a creative post for today but you really need to be active on your customers' newsfeed this week. How about a simple, “Don’t forget to get your vehicle inspected if your’s expires this season. SPRING into our shop this week, mention this post and get $5 off!”

(Helpful Hint: Want to gain the most leads for spring maintenance and tune-ups this season? Make sure you NAP (name, address, phone number) is consistent with your website, to local directories, to social media.)

Net Driven has tools to make the experience of promoting spring vehicle maintenance a breeze! Are your interested in upping your online marketing game before Spring...SPRINGS? Click here

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