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Challenge Your Automotive Social Media Account

Challenge Your Automotive Social Media Account

There was the ALS ice bucket challenge, next the Harlem shake, then the running man challenge, and now videos of people dancing to “JuJu On Dat Beat” and the mannequin challenge are taking over the internet. Is this social media craziness? Or just crazes that can up your business’ automotive social media through video content? We are leaning toward the latter and here is why…

It’s sometimes alarming to people how BIG social media has become in any marketing or branding strategy for business. “Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: on social media,” said Social, Communications, & Brand Strategist, Lori Ruff of ALPFA.

We’ve addressed building your social circle, developing your social media reflexes, how social media marketing is taking over, and how video and mobile tie into social media. This time around, we want to help you get social by having fun and jumping on the bandwagon of trendings topics and shared content. 

To start, let’s take a step back and really analyze the #TzAnthemChallenge, as known as the JuJu craze. There is a pretty good chance you know what this is, but if not, type “JuJu on dat beat” into Google. You’ll receive about 6.3+ million results within seconds, most of which are video content related.

Social media users who are dedicated and check their newsfeeds every day know this craze far too well. Since September 2016, this craze has swept the Internet, while boosting the brand and sales of Zay Hilfiger, who is the artist of JuJu On Dat Beat (TZAnthem). This song went viral and related content is continuing to grow on social--whether it’s being shared from YouTube or being organically uploaded on social channels, like Facebook.

What about the mannequin challenge? This challenge hit it’s peak right before Thanksgiving, causing an eruption of videos including family members striking a motionless pose before or after their feast. Hashtags accompanied video content: #MannequinClips, #MannequinChallenge, and #MannequinVid are the most popular examples. 

Every year that passes includes growth and diversity in trends on social media. This isn’t a new theory or occurrence, it has been happening for quite some time right under our noses.

Remember the Diet Coke and Mentos experimental video that took the Internet by storm? The first video was posted to YouTube in 2005 by Steve Spangler following his 2002 Diet Coke and Mentos demonstration on television. In 2002, the television eruption helped the experiment go viral. In 2005, the upload to YouTube caused the eruption to take another loop through the Internet and once again go viral, where tens of thousands of users mimicked the experiment.

There is one thing to always keep in mind when it comes to viral trends and social media challenges: you don’t need to try them all. Consider a few things before you make plans to take on a challenge or create a viral video. 1. Is it safe? 2. Is it socially acceptable? Am I going to offend anyone? 3. Will creating this content help customer engagement on my automotive social media account?

By asking yourself these couple questions, you can judge whether taking on a challenge or creating trendy content for your social media channels is worthwhile.

The reason we need to ask ourselves these questions: Do you recall the cinnamon challenge, the milk chugging challenge, the salt & ice challenge, or even the fire challenge? They all just looked like bad ideas, but some people couldn’t be swayed to not “take the challenge”. Any challenge or trend that involves possible bodily harm, frostbite, or lighting yourself on fire...just don’t do it.

However, today more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of SAFE social trends and reaping the many benefits that follow. The previous examples we talked about (TZAnthem, Mannequin, and Diet Coke and Mentos) will not cause immediate harm and if planned out well--will create a lot of new likes, comments, shares, and even follows for your business on social.

Before you record…

...plan out your video! It’s very easy to tell who winged their video and recorded on the first try, compared to who took the time to lay out the details and plan ahead. For example, if you want to jump on the bandwagon for the mannequin challenge, don’t just yell out to your shop employees “Everybody, STOP what you are doing and don’t move. We are doing the mannequin challenge!”

Instead, let your shop employees or employer know about your plans ahead of the game. Make an announcement that filming will take place at a certain day and time. Ask for ideas from colleagues and be open to change. The more everyone feels involved and part of the plan, the better your video will turn out and the more engagement your business will gain online!

(Note: When using Facebook Live to create video content, whether it’s related to trending topics or not, planning ahead of time before going live will help your video look more polished and professional. Hint: Do a run through by recording on a smartphone. Play it back and see what possible mistakes may have occurred. Run through again if necessary. Third time's the charm--now you can go live!)

While you record…

...think about what the video looks like. Is it blurry or shaky? These are factors that can affect how well your content performs on social and how much engagement it will produce. Ask around if anyone has a professional camera, perhaps a Nikon or Canon. This will create the clearest and most professional looking footage.

If camera options are scarce, don’t panic! Smartphone cameras have come a LONG way. In fact, the majority of social videos are recorded on smartphone devices (think about Facebook Live!).

Worried that your hand is too shaky to get the best possible shot? Buy a cheap smartphone tripod. Once you get the hang of it, you will want to use it more and more, and each time your video content clarity will increase. 

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to sharing video content beyond social media. The value of video content is HUGE, so we created a two-part series to break down all the details for you. Click here for Part I and here for Part II.

After you record…

...get your video ready to share online! If you have a YouTube account, upload it and share the link through any means you wish. You can also upload your video directly to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social site your business has a presence on.

Look at how other businesses captioned their videos when you’re getting ready to post yours. Think about the message you want to share to let followers (and customers) know what the video you created includes. Also, don’t forget hashtags! If you need help, take a look at what hashtags are trending in relation to the video content you’re publishing.

After you post…

...don’t just forget about the video. When people comment: respond! Pay attention to how many likes (or reactions on Facebook) your video receives. Ask shop employees and followers to share your video. You can even receive feedback in the shop.

How? A customer is in for an oil change and he mentions liking your latest TZAnthem challenge video that included your two best, well-known mechanics busting a move. You can say “thank you” and drop the subject OR you can gain feedback to use for further social planning.

How? Tell the customer that their opinion is very important you. Ask “What did you like most? Was there anything we could have done better? What could we have done to make you share the video? Is there anything you would like to see from us in the future?”

Your automotive social media channels should be used to promote your business, build brand awareness with followers, and increase engagement with customers and those who find you on social. Whether you plan to jump on the bandwagon of challenges or not, make sure you’re staying active on social.

The worst thing a business can do in the eyes of followers and social media users is to become stagnant. Keep your business looking trustworthy and legitimate by posting content at least a few times a week. Too busy to craft original posts and content for your social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter? Net Driven Social Media Master Tech will keep your social game thriving, whether your business needs a boost on social or you’re just beginning your journey.

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