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A+ for Attractive & Interactive Sites

A+ for Attractive & Interactive Sites

What perfects the attractive qualities of an automotive interactive site? What makes a website user-friendly? Are there specific qualities that provide a better experience to site visitors and create a positive response? If so, what are these qualities? We are going to break down what makes a website user-friendly and how to achieve providing the best user experience to your online consumers!

One of the most important aspects to consider when looking at your business’ website is: user-experience. If someone who has never been on your site before finds you on Google, what will they think when they are redirected to your homepage?


There is a simple answer to this question. It doesn’t even involve a mathematical equation or a bunch of coding through a computer system. Just log onto your website and ask yourself the following questions about attraction and interaction!

Is my website attractive? 

There are a couple of things your site visitors will notice right away when they reach your homepage. Number one is design. It plays a huge roll in the first impression your site leaves on a new visitor. This is crucial since first impressions are 94% design-related.

At first glance, does your website look thrown together with a bunch of information squeezed onto one page? Or does your homepage includes a variety of information with tabs that clearly define what information can be found within them?

How are the tabs laid out? Are they at the top of the screen where customers can scroll over each of them to see subtabs, or more specific information that will be included under each page? The easier you make the experience of finding key information, the more positive visitors will be in regards to your business’ website.

What about color and imagery? Your business’ site should find a uniform balance of color use throughout your website, not too little color, not too much. Also, the images and visual content used on your site can sculpt user opinion on your brand. 

The last thing you want to do is stay too straight-forward without any images but avoid going overboard! Balance is key. For information on website design and first impressions, click here.

Is my website interactive?

Your website visitors don’t want to sit on your site and click for hours. They CRAVE online interaction. So, let them have it! 

There are many ways to make your website more interactive. One of the simplest ways to begin is a contact us form. Instead of just listing phone number, address, and email--give your site visitors the opportunity to fill out their information. (Hint: Try including a question in the contact us form and give space for their response. A good example is: “What can we help you with today? Please let us know in specific detail below and we will be sure to respond as quickly as we can!”)

Another surprising interactive feature deals with scrolling. Yes, that’s right, scrolling. This trend adds visual appeal to your website while interacting with the mouse of the user.

Is your shop well-known for the reliable service it provides? Include a wrench (or other tools) shaped button that links to your service scheduling page. When a user hovers their mouse over the wrench, have it turn upward like it’s working on a vehicle.

Are you known for tire sales? Use this for your tire catalog! Maybe this time around use a tire that spins when the user hovers over it. Scroll features help to take user-experience beyond point and click.

To create the optimum user experience and gain a positive response from visitors, having tools and features on your website can help. Let’s back track to your tire catalog and break it down.

What makes it interactive?

Customer Star RatingTire BrandsOffering features like  tire catalog boosts positive feedback from customers visiting your website and adds to your automotive interactive site. The more options, the better! Why? It increases interaction while decreasing the amount of results that they need to sort through to find the tires they prefer. 

If Sally Sanderson is looking for winter tires on your website, she doesn’t want to sit and scroll through 5 or more pages of tires (half of which, she has no interest in at all). Sally is serious about her tires and a 4+ star rating is the lowest she will go. Sally is also pretty picky when it comes to tire brands...she will only settle for Cooper, Mastercraft, Falken, and Hankook.

Tire PriceNow Sally gets the price option. She really doesn’t have an exact budget so she leaves this part blank. Sally is however, happy that this option is included so she can come back and fill it in later is she has too many results to decide from. 

Tire CategoriesSally desperately needs these new winter tires since she slacked on getting them before the cold weather hit in the new location she moved to (Sally is not used to the snow!). After clicking to select ‘Performance Winter’ and ‘Winter’ in tire categories, Sally is even more hopeful than before that your business will find her exactly what she needs--and fast! 

Speed Ratings Finally, Sally gets to the final options for speed ratings and tire types. Since she is shopping for winter tires for her very first time, she is unsure of what speed rating to select. However, she knows she drives an SUV and selects that option in tire types.

After interacting with your tire catalog, Sally updates her search results, and voila: 5+ pages of tires narrowed down to one specific option. Sally’s results show her Cooper Weather-Master WSC tires. She watches the product video, read the reviews, and is quite satisfied with her experience AND result. Sally clicks ‘Request A Quote’ and your business has a new lead, just like that!

Giving consumers like Sally options to find their perfect tires boosts consumer interaction, positivity, and leads! According to Impact Branding & Design, 79% of people who don’t like what they see on one specific website will go back and continue their search for a different site. Assuring your website is attractive and interactive is vital in succeeding online today to avoid ever so scary ‘Click to go back’ button. 

Having a top notch design, content, interactivity, and feature-wise is a time-consuming, detailed task for any automotive interactive site creator. Net Driven is here to help every step of the way, from when the moment your site goes live to when your leads sky-rocket and beyond!


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