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Your December Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

Your December Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

In December's installment of our monthly social media newsletter, we'll cover product updates, tips for boosting your social media engagement, and a social media success story you won't want to miss!


Social Media Product News & Enhancements

No new updates at the moment, but in the meantime, be sure to check your inbox for your latest report! You can also check your Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights metrics to get a closer look at how your social accounts are performing. 

Enhancing Your Social Media

The Power of Advertising on Facebook

According to Facebook, more than 1.7 billion people log on to the social media site every month. How can you make the most of your presence on this largest social media platform?

Getting the word out about your business is easy with Facebook advertising. Unlike traditional advertising methods, Facebook’s ad platform lets you specify who sees your ad. By targeting the geographic area around your business, fine-tuning details about age, demographics, and personal interests, you can get a significant bang for your buck.

Not sure how to run Facebook ads for your business? Or just don’t have the time? Net Driven’s social media team is here to help! Ask your customer relationship manager how we can help your business prosper on Facebook today.


Social Media Q&A: There are multiple Facebook pages for my business. How do I take control of these pages?  

Among the most numerous questions we receive from dealers is the problem of several Facebook pages existing for one business location.

Facebook auto-generates pages for users who are using variations of an existing name. These pages could also have been created several years ago before your official brand page was up and running.

It’s important to have a singular presence on Facebook so that your customers are organized into one community and communication to and from them is easy for you to manage. How do you make this happen with duplicate pages? It’s easier than it may seem.

Your first task is to claim pages you don’t have access to. Click the button that says “Is This Your Business?” below the cover photo and follow the on-screen instructions. Once verified, you will be able to manage the page.

You can use Facebook’s built-in functionality to merge pages that you own together. But you must have admin access to the pages you’re consolidating for this to work.

If you need help simplifying your social media presence, Net Driven can help! Ask us how we can assist you with this process.

Here are some additional resources about how to gain control of your Facebook presence:


Social Media Success Story: Tire World Inc.

‘Tis the season for sales! The best way to get the word out about your holiday offers and promotions is through social media.

Posts that offer value to customers are readily shared and gain a larger audience, but boosting these posts can help you reach a much larger number of people.

Take this recent example of a boost campaign from Tire World, Inc. In just the few days that the At Cost Tire Sale ran, this post--which organically would have reached hundreds of people--was exposed to thousands of people. Engagement (likes, comments, and shares) increased the effectiveness of this post and promoted both the sale and the gift card contest.

Talk to your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager about how Social Media Master Tech can transform your business presence on Facebook and Twitter today.


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