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What Digital Marketing Providers are Thankful for

What Digital Marketing Providers are Thankful for

Thanksgiving is in the air! Can you smell the turkey and stuffing? This harvest celebration is famous for a lot of good food options, good times spent with family or watching football, and don’t forget the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There is so much build up to this day of thanks. I bet you know where we are going with this. You got it! Here at Net Driven we are thankful for a lot of things.  In honor of Thanksgiving 2016, here are our top 10 thank you notes to what we are thankful for!

1. Digital Marketing
According to Social Intent, the history of Internet marketing began in 1983 when Compuserve launched the first commercial Internet email product. The initial birth and first stages of its growing period occurred when the first web browser, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) by Director, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, grew its popularity in the 1990s. This browser was later renamed Nexus.

Today, using the Internet as a marketing channel has grown FAR beyond email and web browsing alone. Search engine marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, and other Internet tools have excelled the growing process of this concept to new levels (and it isn’t stopping anytime soon). So, a big thank you to Compuserve and Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Your work and inventions laid the foundation for businesses like ours to succeed in helping independent business thrive online!

2. Responsive Design
We are an extremely mobile world! What would we do without responsive web design (*shivers in fear at the thought*)?  According to Synecore, the early 2000s produced terms, like fluid design and liquid layout for websites. These were the first stepping stools to responsive web design.

Today most online consumers turn to their mobile devices to browse online and make purchases. So, why would anyone want a site that isn’t mobile-friendly? That’s why we are EXTREMELY thankful for responsive design.

3. Analytics
Your shop’s website looks phenomenal. Your social media pages are top notch. Your PPC campaigns couldn’t be stronger. Right? Without analytics, how would you really know if this is true? You wouldn’t. And that is why we are thankful for website, social media, and SEO/PPC analytics, today and every day!

Analytics Hero said it best when quoting Market Researcher and Founder of the Nielsen Corporation, Arthur C. Nielsen: “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”

Without analytics, we ARE in the dark because we can’t say “your site is performing well” or “this page on your site has a low volume of traffic.” However, WITH the gift of analytics we are in the light of your site, social accounts, and PPC campaigns. A big thank you to you, analytics. 

4. Tire Videos
Video explains everything better. Online consumers are more likely to watch a video than read a body of text. They may even stay on your site for up to two additional minutes, just because a video is present. Also, they are 73% more likely to buy a product or request a quote after watching a video explaining a product or service your business offers.

Our tire videos deliver high-quality, relevant video content to your site that shows visitors your business is professional and reliable. They are clear, prominent calls-to-action, that are updated automatically without even requesting it. To you--tire videos, thank you, thank you, thank you.

5. Social Media
The first social media site was created in 1997, almost 20 years ago! It was called Six Degrees. Then in 1999, the first blogging site came onto the Internet market and ignited the social media sensation which we are still living through today.

Social media has grown stronger and more user-friendly over the years. It began as a fun tool to communicate and network with friends, family, and colleagues then grew it a marketing platform for businesses.

Social media marketing (SMM) is forever expanding and always leaves us wondering “what’s next?” According to Statista, this year over 78% of the U.S. population has a social media profile (up 5% from 2015). Thank you social media for cute cat videos, the ability to share our everyday thoughts, and most important, thank you for SMM!

6. Lead Management
When automotive digital marketing strategies are strong, a good lead management system is the key to success in continuing a customer's movement through the sales process. When your system is well-thought-out and includes as much information as possible to distinguish each lead that comes along, your business will reap benefits, like a better ROI.

Where would we be without lead management? It’s a scary thought. So, keeping it short and sweet, thank you lead management, for leading us in the right direction!

7. Diagnostic Center
Through using language that all users can understand, our Diagnostic Center shrinks the possibility of frustration and builds consumer trust in your brand. The transition from vehicle diagnosis to scheduling call to action helps site visitors schedule with your business easily.

The long process of collecting information over the phone is eliminated and its branded for your website, so users will think about your business when they navigate through this friendly and easy-to-use process. Dear Diagnostic Center, you make our clients look good and bestow much positive light among all of us. We thank you for that.

8. SEO, SEM, & PPC
We could do A LOT of thanking for this trio, but we’ll keep it succinct. They help your business get found online, they drive new visitors to your site through keywords, and they are great tools to boost any online marketing plans. 

Our Internet Marketing Team at Net Driven proudly holds certifications to ensure optimum results to drive your site’s traffic. Our PPC product Net Driven TurboClick is the most cost-effective way to drive customers to your site and it acts fast! So, thank you SEO, SEM, & PPC for leading us to the birth of TurboClick and leading more customers to our clients’ sites.

9. Our Team
Here at Net Driven, teamwork is everything. We are composed of a family of internet marketing specialists, automotive professionals, and car enthusiasts--we LOVE what we do. Our unique employees are what makes us who we are and makes us great at what we do in the world of automotive digital marketing. 

A HUGE thank you to each and every member of our team. Our Net Driven family is strong and successful because of the drive and passion each one of you has to make not only our brand succeed but each of our customers’ brands. We are literally a DREAM TEAM.

10. YOU, YOU, & YOU
Our main goal is YOUR success and we never stop working to achieve that. From our talented site designers to our hardworking account managers, to our easy to talk to sales team--WE are in it for YOU. Our sole mission is to make your business truly thrive. Driving results for your business is not just our job, it’s our mission. And we take it very seriously. However, without YOU, we would have no purpose.

Today, we raise a glass to YOU, the small tire shop owner, the third generation auto stop mechanic, and the new business owner who is just beginning their shop’s journey. Your unique qualities, hard work, and dedication to your customer base is what motivates us to make your internet marketing strategies the very best they can be. So, sit back and enjoy your day off and know YOU are appreciated and we thank you each and every day!

Happy Thanksgiving from our entire Net Driven family!

Thankful For You 

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