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Your November Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

Your November Social Media Master Tech Toolkit


In November's installment of our monthly social media newsletter, we'll cover product updates, tips for boosting your social media engagement, and a social media success story you won't want to miss!

Social Media Product News & Enhancements

No new updates at the moment, but in the meantime, be sure to check your inbox for your latest report! You can also check your Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights metrics to get a closer look at how your social accounts are performing. 

Enhancing Your Social Media

The Power of a Negative Review

Because consumers put a lot of trust into their peers and the opinions of their peers, negative reviews greatly affect their purchasing/buying decisions. Negative online reviews can taint the brand reputation of your business, if left ignored.  If you are faced with a negative review, it’s important that you address it quickly, professionally, and in public view.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” - Jeff Bezos, CEO at Amazon.com


Social Media Q&A: How can I have a strong social media presence? 

Besides using a provider like Net Driven to manage your social media accounts, there are some things thtat you can do on your own to make the most of your social presence: 

Post consistently. It's important to be active. Posting at least 3 times a week on your accounts will ensure your profiles are regularly updated and can give you an edge over your competition (who may not have posted in months!)

Let your passion and knowledge of your industry shine. Posts that show off your good work, the great things happening in your shop, or what's happening in your industry can be key. Education is so important for customers - use your social accounts as a channel to do just that!

Engage in conversations with your fans and followers. Engagement is key for social media success. Respond to messages, reviews, and comments in a timely manner. Your customers will notice you going the extra mile!

Answer questions. Not only is this an opportunity for you to increase customer satisfaction, but it can also help you with building trust and authority in your community (you're the expert!). This is a key ingredient for successful social media relationships. 

Provide valuable content, without being too "salesy". If every post is a push to buy something, your customers won't feel heard. Instead, create conversation on your page by sharing content that offers value without being too hard of a sell. 

Be creative! Social media accounts are flexible and can handle all types of content. From photos and video to contests and themed posts, you can really have a lot of room to play when it comes to your post content. 

Here are some additional resources about the benefits of social media for your business:



Social Media Success Story: Sebago Lake Automotive

Social media allows you to get the word out--not just about your business, but about the products and services you sell...and even the items you’re struggling to sell. Sebago Lake Automotive couldn’t find a buyer for a snow plow and came to us for a solution.

Our Net Driven social media specialists put their offer online, and shortly after, the snow plow was sold. In addition to selling the plow, the post generated a lot of attention for the Sebago Lake Automotive brand--with potential new customers engaging with both the post and with their business page.


So turn your struggles into your strengths with social media! Talk to your Net Driven customer relationship manager about how Social Media Master Tech can transform your business presence on Facebook and Twitter today.


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