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Ingredients for Automotive Digital Marketing Success

Ingredients for Automotive Digital Marketing Success

In today’s automotive market it’s important to use automotive digital marketing tools to their full advantages. Don’t throw all your eggs in one basket! That means don’t just sign up for social media and forget about search engine tools, or vice versa! Your unique business needs online marketing strategies. The importance of using search-engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media to succeed online is growing every day, with every share, like, search, or click online. They’re the perfect mix and here’s why!

Outreach, Convenience, and Cost-Effective

Adding a PPC budget into your online marketing strategy is the first step. If you have already done this, congratulations! You’re halfway there. If you haven’t, that’s okay, too! Let’s begin with paid search and move our way into SEO.

Google’s paid search platform is called AdWords. It provides the largest amount of ROI by helping you build the most targeted pay-per-click campaigns that are most relevant to what people are actually searching for. Bidding on keywords that display your ads to users through AdWords is extremely cost-effective in comparison to traditional advertising. 

Don’t just advertise to customers in your shop or people in a small radius around your business. Push your limits! Utilize online resources available to your business to expand your reach in the most cost-effective way.

SEO is also a huge necessity to carry out your automotive digital marketing goals. According to J.D. Power and Associates, 75% of auto dealers use search engine optimization and that percentage is growing! When someone searches for your business, you need to show up in their search results. 

Is showing up in their results enough? No! It’s crucial that your business name, address, website link, social media links, and phone number are all available to the person who is searching online! If your phone number is available, apply the click-to-call feature Google offers. According to Google’s search data, out of all the consumers who perform mobile searches for automotive parts, service, or vehicles, 60% will make a phone call. For information on AdWords, PPC, or SEO, click here.
Social, Personal, and Interactive

One rather large misconception about using social media in online marketing strategies is that signing up is enough. Simply creating a social media account, or two, will not help your brand online.

Just think--a potential customer finds you on social media and they search through your page. Your business address and phone number are available, but the last activity on your page was three months ago, uh-oh! This is huge a no-no! Leaving your social media accounts inactive for large periods of time (more than a few days) makes your business look illegitimate and lacking in its professionalism.

Treat your social media channels and campaigns as you would treat any other marketing tasks. The more professional, industry-based content you produce on social, the more users will associate your brand with professionalism and personalization.

Your business is original, so your pages should be, too! Incorporating a blog into your website and sharing its content through social media can boost both your interactivity AND your SEO. On social, link to your website. On your website, link to social. It’s like the circle of life for your automotive digital marketing! For more information on social media and myths associated with it, click here.

Relationships, Brand Recognition, and Measurability

Most new-vehicle buyers are turning to the Internet during their shopping process. Almost 90% to be exact. When your business isn’t online it can be detrimental to your brand's image and the potential relationships you can build. Today, the majority of consumers are online and they are searching for the best tire deals and service centers in their area. Offering the most information possible to them makes your business look legitimate and trustworthy.

If an individual turns to Google to find tire sales in a certain geographical area, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will have more trust in the PPC results located at the top of their search. Bidding on keywords that will produce highest amount of search results to benefit your business is the beauty of PPC.

According to Branding Bricks, the average person now spends more time online than with TV and all other media combined (this includes newspapers, magazines, radio, etc.).  It’s not the future of marketing, it’s the present AND it’s here to stay!

How do you know if your automotive digital marketing strategies are effective? Just like your website, PPC and SEO results are measurable. Even social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, have analytics available for your business. Will results happen overnight? Probably not, but if you merge all three of these ingredients into your strategies, along with a responsive, well-designed website, you are on the road to riches. Riches as in online brand recognition, relationship-building, and overall reach wealth!

A  responsive, well-designed website, PPC campaigns, SEO, and well-developed social media reflexes are becoming more and more essential in internet marketing expeditions every single day. According to Northeastern University, 2.5 Exabytes of data are produced on the internet every day. That is about 90 years of HD video or 150,000,000 iPhones worth of data. That’s a lot of new information being added EVERY DAY!  Avoiding complaints about your website and the ability to find your business online can be difficult with that much data in your way, but we’re here to help!

Net Driven believes in helping independent automotive dealers like you flourish online, leading to overall success for your business! With our solutions and top-notch products, you’re internet marketing strategies will drive your business’ success to the next level! Pour some social media into your internet marketing strategies, add a dash of SEO, throw in a pinch of PPC, and you’re on your way to measurable success on the internet!

For more information about our automotive digital marketing solutions that are exclusive to the automotive industry, click here. Wish to learn more about our PPC product, Net Driven Turboclick, how we launch your site with built-in SEO , or our social media marketing product, Net Driven Social Media Master Tech? Contact your Account Manager or ask about our products!


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