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Web Design for Positive First Impressions

Web Design for Positive First Impressions

Gone are the days that having a business website is enough. Anyone can create a website today, but not all make the cut. So what defines a good website? What will make your business’ website powerful and generally liked by visitors? There is a ratio of visual appeal and usability that makes a great website. The keyword behind this perfect website equation is design.

Ninety-four percent of brand first impressions online, positive or negative, are website design related. With the amount of results an online search provides, first impressions are more important today than ever before.

Your business’ website acts as an online greeting for visitors. They aren’t meeting you face-to-face in the lobby of your shop, but they are already deciding how they feel about your business through just a few clicks.

A good first impression can build trust between your brand and your website visitors, leading to future relationships and business inside your shop. A bad first impression can end with website visitors leaving your site for good, and moving to the next business in their search results.
A lot goes into designing a website. We’ve narrowed down a few key details to remember when you ask yourself, “Does my website make a good first impression for my business?”


Visual Appeal

What your website looks like is just as important as how it functions. The use of color and imagery positions your brand in a certain way and connects with your visitors. Using colors that complement each other and images that fit into the grand scheme of your website’s atmosphere creates a sense of comfort in the eyes of viewers. However, too much is not always better. Using as many colors as possible can disrupt the vibe your business’ site is creating and can look sloppy. Don’t be afraid of black and white, they give a cleaner, more modern look for your business.

 Every business is different, requiring a different color scheme and imagery to fit it. Take a look at your logo. Does your website represent it well? Are your visuals and color choices way too much? Too little? The goal is making your website pleasing to the eye, not dull and not shocking. Find a happy medium.


Let Them Scroll

Internet users are always looking for more information. If your website is one page with nowhere to scroll, the trust in your brand is lacking. Older websites were very stagnant and straight to the point. Today website users want as much information as possible, in one website, with the ability to scroll for more information. 

With the majority of internet connections taking place on mobile devices, scrolling is the best way to give your website visitors what they want. Picture yourself holding your smartphone. What is the most natural action you take, almost instinctively, to continue exploring? Scrolling!

Interactive scrolling features are a trend that will add appeal to your website. For example, maybe there is a high quality image of your shop as the background of your website. Wouldn’t it be neat if users could scroll between different sections of information while the background stays clear and noticeable in between their scrolls?

Does your site have a button that links to a list of tire options or a tire catalog? Maybe that button is in the shape of a tire and it spins when the user hovers over it. Scroll features take your website beyond point and click.


Stay Organized

Ensure your website is organized and easily navigated; it’s crucial. According to Google, as of March 2016, there are 2.3 million searches per second. When that many searches occur every second, users don’t want to waste time looking for information. Rule one: always have a search option! If they can’t find it through their browsing, a keyword may help find what they are looking for. 

After about eight seconds (or less), the majority of your visitors will leave your website. That means your website has eight seconds to offer the needed information to the person who researched your business. 

Think about what information they are looking for—is there a way to find it from your homepage? Can they easily navigate through the tabs to find what they need? If not, your website needs an immediate redesign.


Responsive Design

Last but certainly not least on our list, responsive web design. This is the most important feature you can add to your website. When your website has responsive design, it can respond and open on any device it’s viewed on. Whether your website visitors are using their cell phones, iPads, tablets, iPods, desktop computers, laptops, or any other devices, they will have the most favorable experience possible. 

Responsive design is also better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because there is no need to redirect users to a mobile version of your website. Google even recommends it! Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.

When your website ranks better in searches, looks better on any device’s screen, is easier to read and navigate, and is ready for any new devices to come on market in the future, how can you go wrong? You can’t! Responsive design is the answer. If your website is not responsive, you’re missing out on a huge advancement in the online world.

Remember that gaining a good first impression from your website visitors isn’t an easy task. Taking the right steps to advance your website will help your business achieve great things, including a positive image in the eyes of your visitors. 

Having a business website that is visually attractive, organized, interactive, informative, and most important, responsive will reap many benefits for your brand, including overall trust from site users and an increase in the amount of time your business fills the screens of their devices, whether they’re mobile or not.

Here at Net Driven, we believe in providing exclusive internet marketing solutions for the automotive industry. Our solutions create the foundation for your website’s success and we use the latest design techniques to make sure your site is best-in-class. For more information on one of our key factors in our solution, responsive design, click here.



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