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Spring Driving Readiness

Spring Driving Readiness

With winter in your rear view and spring approaching, it’s time to start thinking about spring driving and all that comes with it. While you might think it's smooth sailing with winter over, it’s important to take time to understand the dangers that are lurking with spring driving. Dangers during spring? Yes, you read that right. Spring can be a dangerous time on the roads. We’re here to help with some handy spring driving tips to prepare you for the road ahead.

Like I already mentioned, spring can be a crazy time on the roads, albeit, for different reasons than winter can, but still. Before you hit the road this spring, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Check your tires. I cannot stress this enough. When the temperature changes, so does the air in your tires. Make sure they are inflated properly. Be sure to check your tire pressure once a month.
  2. Monitor your tire tread wear.  Roads can be slick from spring rains. It’s important to monitor your tire tread to ensure you can stop properly. Your tires should have a minimum 2/32” of tread depth.
  3. Avoid driving through large puddles. The water could be deeper than you realize, causing damage to your car, and becoming hazardous for other drivers. They can even cause you to hydroplane.
  4. SLOW DOWN in rainy conditions. When roads are slick, it takes longer to stop and your visibility is reduced. When rain mixes with even the slightest bit of oil, or when temperatures drop, roads can become slick and dangerous. Road conditions can change rapidly in the spring. Slick roads, flooding, and other things can all pose a threat.
  5. Watch for potholes. When the weather warms up and the snow stops falling, the ground shifts, sometimes causing large craters to open up. We are especially familiar with that at Net Driven HQ, being based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. These craters can outright damage your tires and even your suspension. Try to avoid them wherever possible.


  1. Share the road. With the warmer weather comes increased animal activity, as well as people just enjoying the nice weather. Pedestrians, people riding bikes and motorcycles, critters waking up from their long winter’s nap, and other denizens of the world are out. Be mindful of them.

Spring is a wonderful time for everyone. We know you’re excited for the snow to be gone, for warmer temperatures, and for nicer days. Help keep those days nicer for everyone else on the road. Happy (and safe) driving!

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