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Maybe Social Media Isn’t Right for Your Shop

Maybe Social Media Isn’t Right for Your Shop

Social media. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s that thing those kids are doing on their phones all the time, right? That stupid thing where they share endless cat videos? Wrong. Social media is so much more than just clicks of a mouse. Social media is the new way of advertising, the new way the world shops, researches a business, or details an experience they’ve had. Social media is the future, but is it YOUR future?

When you’re a busy independent automotive business, finding time to devote to an advertising campaign can seem to be out of the question. Your advertising and referral traffic comes from word of mouth of existing customers, and from generational business. Someone’s father went there, and so forth. It’s simply what has always worked for you.

Today’s world is changing. Where word of mouth was once enough to get you some new business, it’s not anymore. We live in a world of endless options and suggestions. If we don’t have information on a particular auto repair shop, say, for example, YOUR shop, we simply don’t go there—we go to your competitor. But how can you get your name out there when you’re a small shop? And why would you even want to bother with social media, anyway?

As we mentioned before, social media plays an integral role in business advertising. It’s something that comes with an endless reach. It’s accessible anywhere, to anyone, at any time. So why wouldn’t you want to play?

A robust online presence takes careful, effective management. You want to carefully cultivate the message you’re trying to deliver with the goal of reaching the largest audience possible. More than just reaching them, it should speak to them. The message itself is just as important as the delivery. What are people looking for? More importantly, what are YOU as a business owner looking for?

Having a social media page can also come with a host of worries. What if people leave bad reviews? What If it doesn’t generate new business or more phone calls? Did you know that 78% of internet users conduct product research online? If they can’t find information about a particular business, they move on to the next one. There’s plenty of reasons why NOT to join the social media game, but plenty more reasons why you should.

It’s true that social media might not be right for YOUR shop, if your shop can afford not to reach the next generation and a new audience, but it’s necessary for today’s shop. If you’re not on social media, but your competitors are, that means money out of your pocket. Maintaining a social media presence can be overwhelming. That’s where effective social media management comes in to play. With the right tools, you can join the world of social media and start getting found by new customers.  Don’t get left behind. Start upping your game with a social media presence.

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