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What Is PPC, And Why Do I Need It?

What Is PPC, And Why Do I Need It?


As a small business owner venturing into the world of online marketing, you’ve likely heard mention of a “PPC campaign.” PPC is an acronym for “Pay-Per-Click” and refers to a method of paid advertising on search engines. The only requirement is that you have a functional website that provides quality content. For tracking and marketing purposes, however, it’s also best to create a special “landing page” where visitors who click your ad will arrive.

The most popular type of PPC advertising you’ll hear about is on Google’s AdWords Search Advertising, so that’s what we’ll review today. The way Google AdWords works is that you choose a keyword to target (such as “brake repair” or “farm tires”), tell Google how much you want to spend, and launch your campaign. You only pay for clicks on your advertisement, and you set the limit on how much you want to pay. PPC campaigns are a great way to attract business and have the added benefit of being more targeted than other advertising avenues.

Why Run A PPC Campaign?

Build Brand Recognition and Gain Online Real Estate

To get more people in your shop, you need to get your name out. Building brand awareness is important and something a PPC campaign can help you do, especially when you pair your PPC campaign with an organically high ranking website. For example, if you own a website ranking high for the keyword commercial tires and you run a PPC campaign for commercial tires, a potential customer can see your name at least two times (once because your website popped up naturally, and once because your PPC ad was triggered to run for this individual’s search).

In the online marketing industry, the “space” available for your business to appear on a search engine results page (SERP) is known as “online real estate” or “SERP real estate.” The more places you appear, the better. You’ll increase brand awareness and take away online real estate from your competition.

Target High Potential Customers

Unlike television and radio advertisements, paid online ads can be much more targeted. For example, if a person using Google types in a product you sell, let’s say low profile tires, you can opt to have your advertisement appear only if that person is also in Miami, FL. This way, you don’t have to worry about your Miami tire shop attracting searchers in Tallahassee, FL who won’t yield any ROI for you.

Similarly, you can get really specific about what your service or product is NOT to ensure that the right people are seeing your advertisement. For example, someone searching for tires for sale might be looking for tires for toy cars, bicycles or wheelchairs rather than for cars. When setting up your campaign on Google or other search engines, you can restrict which searches your ad should and should not appear for.

The best part about using targeted PPC ads is that you’ll be appearing to individuals who are actively looking for the product or service you’re providing. Because they’re already in the pipeline to buy, they give you a fantastic opportunity for conversion.

If you have a Net Driven website and would like to run a PPC campaign complete with a landing page, contact your Customer Relationship Manager to learn more or get started.

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