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Your March Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

Your March Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

March Social Media Guide

We as consumers use social media for many different reasons. Keeping up with our friends and family, sharing personal achievements, following brands we like, and so much more. And as a business it is important to be aware of what consumers are interested in and why they're following your page.

Your customers want to see relevant content. They don't follow your page for gardening tips or cooking hacks. They follow because they see you as a credible source for automotive knowledge. 

Follow our tips to help increase engagement and build a stronger relationship with your audience.


Stay Relevant

This is arguably the most important rule to follow. While customers don't want to feel like you are constantly selling to them through social media, it is still important to post content that is relevant to your brand. That is why we focus on lighthearted content and helpful tips throughout the week.



Your customers come to you for advice about their vehicles. Whether it's a tire pressure monitor or a mysterous noise coming from under the hood, they come to you with their problems. Establishing that knowledgeable presence on social media will only help build that relationship and trust with your clients. 


Personalized Content

You should never want to be exactly the same as someone else and your social media is no exception. Personalized content shows off what makes your shop unique. Show off your custom work or community involvement! We want to see your lift kits and the youth basketball team your shop sponsors. These may seem like just small things, but they will help create an identity for your shop and show a more personable side.



Snap a photo of some cute kids in tires or make a post for an employee's birthday. It helps show off some of the character at your shop that your customers love.



Customers don't want to feel like you're selling to them, it's true, But they do like a good deal. Posting special promotions for things like oil changes and new tires could encourage them to come into the shop and remind them they need these services. Your feed shouldn't be filled with one coupon after another, but as a business it is important to post about specials to try to drive business. 


Both of these promotions are a little outside the box but that is exactly the kind of the stuff that helps show off your shop's personality and helps connect with your audience. 


When it comes to social media, less is more. Don't spam your feed with offers every other hour. It is important for your customers to feel like they have a relationship with you and not like they're constantly being pressured into buying something. Creating a mix of personal content, car and tire tips, and promotions will help establish that relationship.

If you have any ideas or questions about how you can improve your Facebook presence in 2019, make sure to ask your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager! They'll make sure to pass it along to our Social Media Specialists. 


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