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Your December Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

Your December Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

December Social Media Guide

The turkeys and pumpkins have come and gone. The air is filled with the magic of reindeer and sleigh bells. Enjoy every minute of this holiday season, but try not to forget what we discussed in our November guide. The holidays are the perfect time to share personal photos and start engaging more with your audience.  

In this December guide we'll focus on New Year's Resolutions.  Not the stereotypical resolutions to eat healthier or save money- - we're talking about social media resolutions.  Every year we set goals to be better versions of ourselves, so why not do that for our social media? Those goals could be something as simple as engaging more with your audience or boosting your website traffic. Make sure the goal is something attainable and make a plan on how to achieve this goal throughout the year. 

Setting new goals isn't the only thing to keep in mind when making resolutions. It's also important to leave behind the habits we know we need to break. This could be your bad habit of always being 10 minutes late or using way too many hashtags on Facebook. Whatever it may be, identify it and make an effort.

So let's dive into the new goals we're setting for 2019 and the bad habits we're leaving behind when the clock strikes 12.


Be More Active

This is a common resolution that most people make by promising themselves they'll go to the gym more or take the stairs. It's important to be active if you want to get results. Whether your end goal is to lose weight or gain followers, you have to be active to achieve it.

We're not talking about posting pictures of your lunch or live tweeting your day. We're talking about posting engaging and relevant content. And yes, that is what we're here for. We post engaging questions and great offers, but you can help!

Audiences love to see personal photos. If you did great custom work for someone or an amazing repair, show it off! If a customer brings in a dog or an employee is celebrating their birthday, take a photo! Try to get in the habit of snapping pictures whenever something positive happens at your shop.

Cecil & Son's Discount Tires sponsors the Santa float in the Sand Springs Festival of Lights Christmas parade. This year, in anticipation of the event, they shared some photos from previous parade nights to generate interest in the event. This also helped to reinforce their brand's association with the event and the community at large. 

Personal photos will help break through the mold on social media and give your audience a chance to get to know you better. Just send them over to your CRM and we'll take care of the rest!


Be Careful of Avoidable Mistakes

We've all been there. You're in a hurry and accidently put the wrong gas in your tank when fueling up. It's a careless and avoidable mishap, just like typos. 

We all make silly social media mistakes. Hitting the 'm' key instead of the 'n', using the wrong form of they're, or just completely misspelling a tricky word. Mistakes happen. And as common and forgivable as they are, these mistakes aren't something you want on your business page. When you're uploading something to social media just make sure to double and triple check what you're posting. Make sure the copy is spelled right and everything makes sense.

We know that sometimes you're in a hurry to get a post out about a cell phone found in your parking lost and that's when mistakes are most likely to happen. So just make sure to give it an extra look because that extra minute will help you in the long run.


Be Mindful of Your Money

If you're trying to be mindful of your money in 2019, an extra Facebook ad spend campaign might be in your best interest. Normally when you set a goal to be smarter with your money, you try to stop buying coffee every morning-- not to start spending more money on advertising. It sounds strange, but Facebook ad campaigns are a great way to get the most out of your money. Are you looking to hire a new technician or running a gift card special this holiday season? You should consider boosting a post to get the word out. Boosted posts appear to more than just the people who like your page and Facebook shows your posts more frequently. These posts are shown to a larger audience so they typically result in more engagement.


Wayne's Tire Discounter ran a boost promoting their winter tires and reached 2,125 people with 494 engagements. Depending on what you are trying to promote, a boost campaign could be a great investment for your business. 


Whatever you decide you want your New Year's Resolution to be, make sure it is what is best for you and your business. If you have any ideas or questions about how you can improve your social media presence in 2019, make sure to ask your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager! They'll make sure to pass it along to our Social Media Specialists. 



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