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Your March Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

Your March Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

In the March installment of our monthly social media newsletter, we'll talk about tips for boosting your online presence and a social media success story you won't want to miss!


Social Media Product News & Enhancements

Is your online reputation positive or negative? Have you talked to your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager about Reputation Management? This feature of our Social Media Master Tech service ensures that your business is well represented across major social platforms. We take the weight of responding to your reviews--both negative and positive--off your shoulders, while keeping an eye on your business presence on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp. Learn more from your CRM today!


Enhancing Your Social Media

Spring Clean Your Social Media

Springtime is almost here. It’s time to dust the cobwebs and make room for growth. Spring cleaning isn’t just reserved for your garage anymore. Our online lives are just as cluttered as our real ones. Here are some tips on how to spring clean your social media presence.

1. Back to Basics

Is your profile photo more than a few years old? How about your cover photo? Update your profile picture with the most current version of your company’s logo. As for your cover photo, choose an image that best represents your business. It can be a designed image, your shop, team, or even a seasonal picture. If it’s seasonal, don’t forget to change it out when a new season arrives.

2. Contact Info and About Me

This seems like a no brainer, but it’s important to check regularly. Email addresses change, business locations move, and updating this information can sometimes slip through the cracks. Make sure all of your contact information is up to date on your social media pages.

Your “About Me” section is where you share with your followers who you are and what you do. Update this information by telling them about your company. Some examples are; when did you open? Who are the owners? How much experience do you have? Where are you located? What do you have coming up in the next year that you’re excited about?

3. Verify Social Links

If you have a website and you have social media pages, then your pages should definitely have a link on your web page. Having these links could generate more followers. If your website already has them, double check them. Make sure they link to the right page. The last thing you want is a broken link or even worse, one that connects to the wrong page.

4. Brand Consistency

Your social media pages should reflect your company’s brand across all platforms. If you have multiple accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, make sure that each page looks the same. They should all have the same profile photo and cover image along with similar descriptions or “about me”. Every page has different restrictions when it comes to the “about me” section, so make sure your content can be simplified in a few words.


Our online lives evolve, just like our regular lives. Cleaning up your social media profiles will help them shine, look more professional, and attract new followers. Happy cleaning!


Social Media Q&A: How do I promote the extra services my shop offers

What can I do to show people all that we offer?

You’ve spent time carefully picking the right mechanics to employ at your shop. You hand picked the services you supply and the tires you’ll sell. It’s easy to tell customers that your auto or tire shop offers this, but what about all the extras you provide to make your customers experiences worth while? Here are some tips on how to get the word out about all the extras you provide.


  • Offer a discount for one of your extra services? Post the coupon to your social media pages.
  • Spring is coming which means it’s time for spring cleaning. Take a video or pictures of your service in action.
  • People trust testimonials. Did one of your customers have a great experience? Ask them to share it on your Facebook page
  • Engage with your followers online. Don’t just tell them about your services, ask them about it, start a conversation.


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Social Media Success Story: Tim’s New and Used Tires

Have you ever found something weird hiding in your customers’ tires? Last month, Tim’s New and Used Tires decided to share a photo of a slew of items they found in their customers’ tires, hoping to give a few laughs.


After being posted by the Net Driven social media team, this photo reached over 300 people. Customers liked and were shocked by what was found. A few even commented and shared the post.

Wondering how to use Facebook campaigns to share your business with your customers? Talk to your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager today to learn how our team can help you share content, like this, with your customers.



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