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Why Isn't My Automotive Site on Google's Front Page?

Why Isn't My Automotive Site on Google's Front Page?

Search engine ranking and visibility is the end game to search engine optimization. You want your site to be a top contender for rank organically on Google’s search engine. You’ve created a website for your business. You’ve sent it out into the world wide web. You’re sure you’ve done everything right. But, um, wait… it isn’t on the first page. What’s that about?!

First, we should get an idea of what ranking means. Here’s the definition for ranking straight from Moz.com’s Learning Center:

“Ranking refers to the process search engines use to determine where a particular piece of content should appear on a SERP. Search visibility refers to how prominently a piece of content is displayed in search engine results.”

It’s difficult to not want to get to the number one organic spot, and fast. But don’t forget, your website will be competing with similar automotive and tire businesses who are located in your immediate area that may have just as much relevant content as you do with their own set of SEO strategies in place. They may also have had a web presence for a year, maybe several. Everyone is vying for a coveted organic spot on page one. Google knows this. That’s why there are guidelines when it comes to ranking in search engines.

If you’re at the top of the ranks, Google will take a closer look at your site. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re developing your SEO tactics. You must avoid low-quality techniques that might get you on the fast track to page one, but once you’re there, send you zipping straight back to the depths of organic results due to penalties.

Google considers over 200 factors when ranking search queries. This can make it difficult to determine why a competitor might be outranking you. But, where high rank is concerned, it normally comes down to two things: a piece of content that is doing a better job of answering user intent and satisfying RankBrain’s priority ranking factors. Aren’t familiar with RankBrain? It’s Google’s machine learning program that evaluates and re-evaluates individual ranking factors for different industries and queries.

The gist:

You want to create value with your content. Ranking for the keywords of your choice can be tough, especially fighting for high-volume keywords on Google’s first page. Create your content with the user in mind, focusing on depth and uniqueness. Answer their questions in an easy-to-read format, addressing the audience you intend to reach. Check out this Master SEO Blueprint for ideas on how to lay the foundation for solid SEO.

Also, pay attention to your page titles and meta descriptions. They may no longer affect rank as much as they used to, but they are what appears in the SERP’s and they can vastly improve your website’s click-through-rate.

Design matters. Put thought into the way your site will look. A creative and well-made design with a site structure that is easy to navigate makes for a good user experience. That’s the goal.

Stay away from outdated SEO tactics and other factors/techniques that could get your website penalized or at the very least, have Google take up an issue with it. Things like duplicate content, keyword stuffing, anchor text overuse, broken links, over-optimization, and “quick fixes” that claim to guarantee to get your site to number one. Check out the full list of factors that can grant you a penalty from Google and ultimately affect the performance and rank of your site.

And last but not least, be patient. The number one question any SEO specialist in the gets asked is: “How long until my website (page) ranks on top of Google?” Well, there is no definitive answer to that question because it is and will always remain variable. No website is ever guaranteed a number one spot on Google SERPS.

Having up-to-date knowledge of SEO and its best practices, staying up to speed on any algorithmic updates, and being aware of changes to the local search landscape are all integral in your quest to rank on Google’s front page. More importantly, don’t get frustrated if you do not see immediate results. Avoid partaking in blackhat SEO tactics that could get your site penalized. Trust that quality SEO work will pay off when you’re sending out all the right signals!

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