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5 Signs Your Website Is Boring

5 Signs Your Website Is Boring

Homepages are like digital welcome signs that greet people when they visit your site. You want your page to not only look good, but provide your customers with the information they need as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Use these do’s and don’ts to help craft your automotive website into something customers want to keep coming back to.


Color scheme and background set the tone for your homepage. You want to choose colors that work well together and also make sense for your business.

Keep it simple. Don’t add too many different colors or a background that steals the focus from your main images and text.

Use color psychology to portray your message to customers. Colors like blue and green make you feel trust, confidence, and growth while colors like red and pink expel excitement, passion, and youthfulness. 

Choose wisely when picking the colors of your website; bright colors can be painful to view on a screen. You also run the risk of causing a distraction and being unprofessional looking.


People are naturally drawn to graphics and pictures. Using high-quality pictures on your auto site will help keep the viewers’ attention.

You’ll want to include photos of the shop, equipment, staff, and waiting area. Letting customers into your business through pictures will create a sense of trust. People like to know what they’re walking in to; these images will provide familiarity to people who haven’t been to the shop before.

However, you need to make sure you’re not crossing the fine line of too many pictures, it may feel overwhelming. Every image should have a specific purpose.


You will come off as more professional and organized if your auto service website’s content is well thought-out and tidy.

Choose a clean layout that’s easy to navigate. Your customers don’t want to spend a lot of time searching through pages or ads and never-ending text. They want to find what information they need easily. Ideally, customers should be able to arrive on your site and not have to think about where they should click next.


Update your content frequently. Fresh content will let customers know that your website is up to date and a dependable source of information.

When customers first visit your site, they should immediately understand which services you provide. Keep the descriptions simple within your service catalog. You can always go into more detail on other pages. Short, concise bits of information are easy for your customers to read quickly.


What useful functions can you have on your website to benefit your customers? Just like navigation, functionality of your website is extremely important. Some items you’ll want to include to create the easiest use for your customers are: social icons so they can easily access your Facebook and Twitter, a contact form so they can send any questions or concerns to you, your business’ phone number, address, and hours of operation so they can find you.

Your layout should also be simple and easy to use. Everything you put on your site should have a purpose. Don’t include flashing intros and pointless widgets like a weather update or current time. Focus on what’s important and how to create the best experience for your customers.


Using color and graphics to create an interesting website will draw customers in, but having proper, easy to use navigation and up to date, informative content will keep them on the page and coming back to your shop every time. Keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll be able to build a successful platform.

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