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What Kind Of Content Does My Auto Website Need To Include?

What Kind Of Content Does My Auto Website Need To Include?

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There are over 4.57 billion webpages in existence as of September 20171. That’s a lot of information representing thousands of industries and interests. It also means there are scores of websites competing for clicks and conversions. How do you make your website stand out? What information or content should you include to attract visitors to your website and keep them interested in your products and services once they arrive?

It’s time to talk about content for the automotive service center and/or tire dealer.

Know Your Audience

The first step in choosing what content to include is figuring out your audience. Think about your customers and their needs. What are they looking for when they come to your business? What information can you include on your website to help your prospective customers enjoy a fast and convenient experience with your business?

Below is an overview of the products Net Driven offers. The available products, known as website modules, were selected and designed based on industry research and requests from Net Driven clients about the type of content their customers want to see.

Tire Catalog

Scenario: Prospective customer is looking for new tires because it's time to replace the entire set or a flat tire.

Need: To find a nearby tire store that has tires that fit the vehicle. The potential customer may be looking for a specific tire brand and model and need to know if the tire store carries it.

If you're a tire dealer, then a tire catalog is an excellent addition to your website if not a mandatory one. The Net Driven tire catalog is an interactive module that’s easy to use with multiple ways to search your inventory and the optional ability to request a quote. Potential customers are given all the tools they need to search through hundreds of tires quickly, creating a more convenient experience with your business.

Net Driven offers a retail tire catalog and commercial tire catalog at this time. Both are available with a Net Driven website or as standalone purchases for use on any website.

Auto Service Catalog

Scenario: Potential customer is looking for an automotive service shop that provides a specific service.

Need: To find an automotive service center that provides the necessary service.

When prospective customers look for an automotive service center online, they have one immediate goal: to find a local shop that provides the service(s) they need. In order to rank for an auto service, you need to include content about it on your website. An automotive service catalog is a sensible solution that provides potential customers with the information they need.

The Net Driven Automotive Service Catalog provides the optional ability to schedule an appointment online, creating a convenient experience that allows customers to interact with your business after closing hours.

Maintenance Look Up

Scenario: Potential customer needs to know if it's time for factory scheduled maintenance

Need: To see maintenance information relevant to the vehicle make and model driven

For the automotive service center, the Maintenance Look Up module is a great way to attract business and satisfy customer curiosity. When visitors arrive on your website to schedule a repair or learn more about a product, they can also check out when they’re due for maintenance. 

Thanks to this module, your customers don't need to go to the garage and grab the owner's manual to find out when factory maintenance is due. While they're on your website, they’ll get information specific to their vehicle make and model with the optional ability to schedule the appropriate maintenance service with you online.

Diagnostic Center

Scenario: Potential customer is experiencing an automotive problem but isn't sure of the cause

Need: To find out what's wrong with the car as soon as possible

When the “check engine” light turns on or a motorist experiences a sudden car problem, the logical first question is “what’s wrong?” If the driver doesn’t have a clue, then there’s a chance they’ll hold off on service for fear of a high expense. The Online Diagnostic Center answers “what’s wrong” by guiding the potential customer through a series of questions about what the vehicle is doing. Based on the answers provided, the module returns likely problem causes and associated repair services.

This module can alleviate fears and give your service center valuable information so the problem becomes quicker to fix. You may earn some rapport with the customer for being the source of their information.

Virtual Showroom

Scenario: Potential customer needs a new or pre-owned vehicle

Need: To find a local dealer with a good selection of vehicles

For the new and used car dealer, a virtual showroom is an almost essential part of the website. Your customers want to know what types of vehicles you have for sale. Giving them the ability to browse online and see real photos of your inventory keeps them engaged. It also helps weed out anyone who wouldn’t have been interested in the vehicles you sell, so your sales team focuses on better leads.

The Net Driven Virtual Showroom displays important information about your inventory and lets potential customers browse through photos online.

Contact Information

Last but not least, don’t forget your contact information. At a minimum, you need to tell your potential customers about your address (or service area) and hours of operation. Visitors to your website don’t want to guess if you’re open or call to find out this information. Having your name, address, and phone number (NAP) listed on your website also helps online directories list your contact information right.

Wait - Should I Include Prices on my Website?

Potential customers are interested in pricing, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best idea to include prices on your website. If you’re not always the lowest price in town, this gives your competitors a chance to underprice you and advertise it on their own websites. A good compromise is to set up online quoting, where a customer can automatically get an email showing the price in return for providing you with an email address.

This satisfies the customer and makes any competitor have to work to see what your prices are for every product or service.

To recap, you need to provide content valuable to your audience. Think about your customers and why they come to you. Advertise the products and services you provide, so your customers know you offer them. People want to know who you are, what your offer, and when you’re open.

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