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Your August Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

Your August Social Media Master Tech Toolkit

In the August installment of our monthly social media newsletter, we'll talk about tips for boosting your online presence and a social media success story you won't want to miss!


Social Media Product News & Enhancements

Have you talked to your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager about our Reputation Management service? Our new feature of our Social Media Master Tech service ensures that your business is well represented across major social platforms. We take the weight of responding to your reviews--both negative and positive--off your shoulders, while keeping an eye on your business presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and Yelp. Learn more from your CRM today!


Enhancing Your Social Media

Content Creation

As a rule of thumb, the content you post should be interesting, challenging, entertaining, and worthwhile. Without good content, you would be wasting your time. Below you'll find topics that never fail to produce content your audience will enjoy.



Get your customers engaged. Post questions and respond to any comments, questions, or concerns that come from your current and potential customers. Answer reviews left on your page to show that you're accessible to your customers. To get the conversation started, you can also post a picture from around your shop and ask your followers to caption it.

Relevant and Entertaining:

People like to discuss trending topics. Include relevant content on your page, but relate it back to your company if possible. You don't want to add all of the gossip about today's celebrities on your page. Back it up with either a service you offer at your shop or by relating the news to your company's philosophy. Don't bring politics into your business-this could cause more harm than good.


In an on-the-go world, people like to find out information as quickly as possible. Videos make this easy and fun. Film a video of one of your mechanics performing a simple task, like an oil change, and have them walk your customers through it step by step. your customers will feel better knowing their vehicle is in good hands and knowing exactly what's happening when they drop their car off.


Posting the correct content can be tricky, but with practice and guidance, you'll be a pro in no time. Talk to your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager today if you'd like tips on creating content.


Social Media Q&A: How active should I be on social media?

A question that is always asked is "how active should my company be on social media?" The answer can vary, but we suggest posting at least 3-4 times per week. These posts can be auto information, sales related, or just plain fun!

Be careful not to over post. Posting too many times per day or even adding too much information can cause your follower to mute your updates or unfollow you altogether. Keeping to a schedule will help you to control this.

Social media is used to create your brand identity. The most successful brands are transparent and willing to share information with their customers. The use of social media will help people see your business in a positive view.

Here are some additional resources:

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Social Media Success Story: O'Brien Tire & Service Center, Inc

You don't need to be holding an event to tell your customers what you've been up to.

Take a look at O'Brien Tire & Service Center, Inc. Last month, they were so excited to tell their customers what they've been working on, they took to Facebook to post about the Camaros they had the privilege of servicing. They used our tip about hashtags from last month and for #FlashbackFriday, they posted the "yesterday" and "today" Camaros that were brought in by two different owners.

 O'Brien Tire.PNG



Thanks to a boost campaign from the Net Driven social media team, this engagement reached over 200 people! Customers liked this picture because they get to see their favorite shop having fun.

Wondering how to use Facebook posts to connect with your customers? Talk to your Net Driven Customer Relationship Manager today to learn how our team can help you share experiences, like this, with your customers.



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