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The Online Edge – What Your Business Needs to Thrive

The Online Edge – What Your Business Needs to Thrive

Does your business have an online presence? If so, are you doing all you can to ensure its virtual success? If not, what are you waiting for? Are you still not convinced that an online presence is important to your business?

Let’s take a sneak peek at some statistical findings from the Pew Research Center that prove the importance of putting internet best practices in place to ensure you're maximizing your online impact. This is just a snapshot of the ways in which the internet and connectivity are impacting businesses just like yours every day. 

According to their most recent studies on the use of internet and technology it was found that:

- Roughly three-quarters of Americans, or 77%, now own a smartphone, which nearly doubles the former findings since the Center began its research in 2011.

- As of November 2016, nearly three-quarters, or 73% of Americans indicate that they have broadband service at home.

- Nearly seven-in-ten Americans now use social media. When the Center started tracking social media adoption in 2005, just 5% of Americans said they used these platforms. Today, 69% of U.S. adults are social media users.

- Half the public now owns a tablet computer. When the Center first began tracking tablet ownership in 2010, just 3% of Americans owned a tablet of some kind.

As you can see, now more than ever before, an online presence for your business is significant. And not just any online presence, but a quality one that provides a sense of credibility and legitimacy, turning its visitors into leads and sales, and contributing to the success of your business.

First impressions matter. If your business has a website, rest assured that internet users are navigating to it to formulate their opinion, to see what other people have to say about you, and to “screen” shop your services and products, which is much like window shopping, but with the ease of never having to actually visit your business’s location.

Your business can now be accessible to the masses thanks to technology. Therefore, it’s vital to have a way for potential clients to find you with the swipe of their fingertip and also to ensure you have a website that makes a good impression.

So, how do you go about trying to meet your customers’ needs online?


Let’s Talk Internet Marketing Best Practices

There are several factors that play into the creation of a well-made website that will help your business’s online presence generate traffic and rank effectively:

Design & Layout

Visual presentation plays an important role in the functionality of a website. A high-performing website will provide a positive user experience. It helps to have a responsive web design. What makes a website responsive? Responsive design helps to generate leads and sales without any limitations based on user devices. So, customers can find your automotive service site on their tablet, smartphone, smart watch, etc., viewing your website efficiently from any screen size.


Content is the reason why visitors come to a site. They are seeking information about your business and its services. The key is to provide relevant content that is easy for visitors to digest. Too much or too little and your visitors might go elsewhere to find what they’re looking for. Check out what Moz has to say about content regarding search engine ranking. By providing unique content that moves beyond self- promotion and is easily digestible to the user, your website offers valuable information.

Calls to Action

Calls to action within a site’s content and design come in the form of clickable links or custom buttons. It entices a visitor to take action beyond the page they are on, an action like submitting a form, requesting a quote, purchasing a product, or even just clicking a link that leads to another page with relevant information. Through a CTA, a user moves to take a specific action that will benefit your business. And action is what it’s all about.


A business with an online footprint is a business that can be found, recognized, and confided in. From building a solid and consistent brand across all channels, to maintaining an active social media presence, gaining positive reviews, managing your online reputation with products like Net Driven’s Reputation Management.

Mobile Viewability

More and more people are looking at your site from a mobile phone or web enabled device. It seems like anything with a screen and a microchip in it is capable of getting on the internet these days. Make sure your site is viewable on a mobile internet enabled device.

Search Engine Optimization

At Net Driven, we drive the traffic that drives your business! It begins with a website that keeps local search in mind. A strong SEO foundation puts proven strategies to work and improves your ability to get found.

From understanding searcher behavior to using tested best practices, the SEO team at Net Driven works hard to ensure that your site has all of the key ingredients for SEO success. Look to us for:

- Keyword research performed for your business and target geographic

- Optimized meta tags for click through success

- Relevant industry content

- Local directory management

- SEO-friendly site architecture, and more!

Don’t have a website yet? What are you waiting for?! Talk to a representative from Net Driven today and ask about how we can help you create a website that not only generates traffic, but turns your traffic into leads and sales! Net Driven should be your choice for all your automotive internet marketing needs. Contact us today!

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