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Call Tracking 101: Measure and Track Calls From Your Website

Call Tracking 101: Measure and Track Calls From Your Website

Phone calls to businesses are increasing by over 19% each year, and are expected to reach 79 billion by 2018. How come? Well in today’s world, it’s easier than ever for people to contact a business with just the tap of a button. This increase in mobile search behavior means greater potential for searches to result in phone calls. If people are calling more than ever before then shouldn’t every call count? Let’s talk about call tracking and what it can do for your business.

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What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is analytics for your phone calls. It can be used as a tool to optimize your customer service and marketing efforts. It also helps to fill in the gaps left behind by traditional analytics, tracking phone leads beyond Click-to-Call. Businesses are now able to take a closer look into who their customers are and how customer service is provided at their business. 
With call tracking, you get a clear picture of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and how successful they are at driving phone calls and generating sales. You are able to gather a wealth of information that can not only optimize your marketing strategies, but coach your team and improve customer service, turning more phone calls into sales. 

How does it Work? 

The most common way to use call tracking is through what is called DNI which stands for Dynamic Number Insertion. For example, if your business is interested in installing call tracking on your website, you get to keep your original phone number which stays hard-coded on your website. DNI allows for a unique phone number to display temporarily and dynamically via a snippet of JavaScript (code) installed on every page of the site. This number will then be forwarded to your main business phone number, allowing your staff to answer as if the call were made directly to that line. 

The Benefits of Call Tracking

There are many benefits to integrating call tracking on your website and within your advertising and marketing campaigns. With call tracking you can:

  • Review Call Recordings - By reviewing phone calls, you gain valuable insight into your customers as well as your staff’s customer service skills. In what ways do they excel at customer service? Where do they need improvement? Call tracking can double as a training tool, enhancing your team’s skills and strengthening business. 
  • Review Call Type Classifications – Call type classifications let you see how many calls were answered, which ones went to voicemail, if there were any abandoned calls, and more.
  • Review Call Analytics – Call Analytics let you see where your calls are coming from, it tracks how many new and repeat callers contact you, tracks peak call periods to know when your company is at its busiest, monitors call durations, all while highlighting trends and patterns 
  • Review Reports: Generated reports allow you to review phone leads and see where and when they are generated. You can even get phone numbers from missed calls so you can recapture those leads! Incorporate your call tracking data with your existing Google Analytics or Google AdWords account and see a stronger picture of how your website and marketing efforts are progressing.

With the ease of adding a snippet of code onto your website, you gain a greater understanding of both your customer and your team and how best to sell to your target audience. You can put into practice all that you glean from the call tracking reports, making changes based on assessable data that can improve your team’s performance and client relations along with your marketing efforts. Many industries rely on phone calls as a top lead source. If calls are the best leads out there, why wouldn’t you want greater insight into your biggest lead generator?

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